Apple decreases price of USB-C-to-Lightning cable

May 22, 2018

Apple has quietly decreased the price of its USB-C-to-Lightning cable in the Apple store by approximately Rs692, according to a report published by CNet.

When released in 2016, $25 for the one-meter Lightning-to-USB-C cable was a hefty price to ask. Roughly translated, that’s Rs2,885. Now, at $19 (or Rs2192.60), it’s in line with Apple’s other cables.

This price drop means that the Lightning-to-USB-C cable now costs the same as the standard Lightning-to-USB-A cable. Each new iPhone includes a Lightning-to-USB-A cable in the box for charging and connecting to your computer. However, you can charge your iPhone 8 and iPhone X faster if you use a USB-C cable.


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