Telenor I-Champ – yet another digitally innovative initiative

February 8, 2018

  • Telenor has always been at the forefront of digital innovations, which truly add value to our society, Telenor I-Champ being yet again such an initiative.
  • In a recent digital video message, Irfan Wahab Khan CEO of Telenor Pakistan spoke about their recent collaboration with Free Basics by Facebook to create Telenor I-Champ.
  • Khan spoke about data being a responsibility that should be an enabling factor for the growing youth of Pakistan to help them progress and become what they want.
  • Telenor I-Champ has been a well thought out program that aims to equip Pakistani children with the basic use of Internet to help them learn more and beyond.
  • Telenor teams went far and wide across hundreds of schools all across Pakistan teaching children to make the most of the power of data available to them today… School drives were created to be interactive and learning based to help these children grasp the basic usage of mobile learning.
  • All of these efforts resulted in reaching out to and training 630,000 students from 1800 schools on the basic use of Internet and Free Basics.
  • Telenor has always worked to give back to the society beyond it’s commercial scope of activities to create progressive societies which are empowered to steer themselves in the direction they aspire to reach.
  • Telenor I-Champ has started a revolution in education and learning as it has opened up a new channel of knowledge for Pakistani students, giving them newer and faster ways of accessing information.
  • We need to create future generations of Pakistan that have greater access to information and knowledge so they can choose their own paths to progression.
  • With the power of mobile data and Free Basics, Telenor aims to impact a segment of the society (our youth) today, so there can be a better and more learned tomorrow for them, and for Pakistan.


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