Massive 146-inch TV introduced by tech giant

January 10, 2018

LAS VEGAS: A giant 146-inch called “The Wall” was announced by tech-giant Samsung at a technology show in Las Vegas.

It comes with a micro-LED display, which has been introduced as a superior alternative to OLED due to the fact that it offers both deep blacks and bright highlights.

The micro-LED display will be able to allow a bright picture without a backlight due to its self-emitting LEDs.

It is difficulty to manufacture micro-LED screens because because the LEDs as they are to be individually placed onto a layer by machines.

Analyst Paul Gray said, “You have millions for a single display. But maybe Samsung has made some breakthroughs on multiple placement.”

Gray added that it is likely to appear in very expensive devices despite being introduced as a consumer product.

The price has not been unveiled.


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