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Save the Himalayan brown bear at Islamabad zoo

PAWS lists medical treatment the animal urgently needs

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June 12, 2019


Lahore Zoo trying to help animals withstand heat

Temperatures are rising in Lahore

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June 3, 2019


Landhi-Korangi zoo’s Canadian puma dies of lung infection

Zolly had just had cubs in November

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May 4, 2019


Sindh may be getting its first hippo this year

Karachi’s Safari Park is getting a giraffe too

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April 29, 2019


Lahore Zoo is launching its mobile app soon

The project is expected to be complete by March

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March 5, 2019


China zoo-goers kill kangaroo by throwing bricks at it for ‘reaction’

Visitors to a zoo in southeastern China killed one kangaroo and injured another by throwing bricks at them in an attempt to get a reaction from the big marsupials, state media reported. A 12-year-old female kangaroo suffered a severely injured foot when it was struck by bricks and concrete chunks on February 28 at the…

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April 20, 2018


Snow leopard dies in Peshawar zoo

By Fayyaz Ahmed A snow leopard, listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of threatened species, has died at a newly-opened zoo in Peshawar. The leopard was brought to the zoo from Galiyat. According to the zoo’s administration, the 10-year-old leopard has died his natural death. This comes a few days after a fallow…

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March 15, 2018


CM Khattak opens first ever zoo in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak Monday inaugurated the long awaited project of establishing first ever Zoo in provincial capital. The project took two years to complete and would be featuring an aviary and cages of wild animals including lions, monkeys and many other species. The zoo is spread over an area of 24…

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February 12, 2018


Frenzied elephant kills owner in Thailand

BANGKOK: An elephant that has starred in feature films and commercials crushed its owner to death in Thailand, zoo officials said Tuesday, setting off fresh debate over the kingdom’s animal tourism industry. The accident took place Monday morning in the northern city of Chiang Mai, just after owner Somsak Riengngen unchained the five-tonne elephant Ekasit….

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November 28, 2017


Welsh zoo ‘outraged’ over killing of escaped big cat

NEWS DESK: A Welsh zoo has said it is “outraged” after the local council confirmed an escaped lynx had been “humanely destroyed”, reported The Independent. Lilleth, twice the size of a domestic cat, went on the run for over a week after escaping from Borth Wild Animal Kingdom in Ceredigion, near Aberystwyth, on 29 October….

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November 12, 2017


Video: Children flock to Lahore Zoo to make the most of Eid-ul-Azha

LAHORE: What better way to spend three precious holidays than to visit the zoo? Children in Lahore flocked to the city’s zoo on Sunday in order to make the most of their holidays.  The animals at the zoo were the main focus of attention for mostly children and the adults who accompanied them. Despite the…

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September 3, 2017


Adorable leopard cub at Lahore zoo

NEWS DESK: An adorable leopard sub lies with its mother in Lahore zoo. Watch here:

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July 30, 2017


World’s ‘oldest’ hippo dies at Philippine zoo

MANILA: Bertha, believed to be the world’s oldest hippopotamus, has died aged 65, the Manila zoo said Monday, having beaten the typical lifespan for the mostly herbivorous mammals by decades. The 2.5-tonne female was found dead Friday in her enclosure, with a post mortem examination concluding that Bertha, the zoo’s oldest resident, had died from…

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July 10, 2017


Video: Kids favourite Suzi dies at Lahore Zoo

LAHORE: Children’s favourite only elephant of the Lahore Zoo died at the age of 31, here on Saturday after suffering from acute pain in her legs for few days. Suzi, the African bush elephant, was brought to the Lahore Zoo from Belgium in 1992 when she was only six years old. According to the zoo…

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May 13, 2017


WATCH: Widely loved Suzy is no more

Suzy the elephant, which was loved by many people, died at Lahore Zoo.

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May 13, 2017


Glass saves child from fatal lion attack

These big cats will always go for the kill when the prey is most vulnerable. A child in Japan was standing in front of a lion enclosure enjoying the sights, but once he turns, the lion makes a jump at him, trying his best to paw through the glass. Watch.

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October 14, 2016


American pop icon Cher aims to free lonely, chained elephant in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The plight of a lonely elephant in a Pakistani zoo has inspired help from pop icon Cher, who has sent a representative to oversee improvements in his living conditions. Cher first became aware of 29-year-old Kavaan’s plight when pictures of the elephant in chains with only a dilapidated shed for shelter and a small,…

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June 25, 2016


Zoo lions killed to protect suicidal man

SANTIAGO, Chile: A zoo in Chile’s capital said it was forced to kill two lions on Saturday to protect a suicidal man who had entered their cage in front of aghast visitors. Security protocols kicked in immediately when staff saw the man climb down with a rope into the African lions’ enclosure, the head of…

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May 23, 2016


Chile zoo kills lions to protect suicidal man in their cage

SANTIAGO: A zoo in Chile’s capital said it was forced to kill two lions on Saturday to protect a suicidal man who had entered their cage in front of aghast visitors. Security protocols kicked in immediately when staff saw the man climb down with a rope into the African lions’ enclosure, the head of Santiago…

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May 22, 2016


Cheeky monkey snatches woman’s mobile

A monkey snatched a girl’s mobile phone while she was offering him food at a Chinese zoo. Watch this video…

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April 18, 2016