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Traffic warden suspended for beating up rickshaw driver in Multan

The driver said he was issued an unfair challan

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October 13, 2019


Karachi cop stops traffic and hearts with his good looks

Pictures of him posing in his uniform went viral

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August 1, 2019


Driving on the wrong side can land you in jail

Karachi police have arrested seven offenders

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July 23, 2019


Watch: Traffic policemen assault Karachi man

The traffic policemen have been suspended

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April 16, 2019


Watch: Karachi policeman and Chinese man struggle to communicate

He remained silent as he did not understand English or Urdu

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April 8, 2019


Ex-traffic police inspector shot dead

Unidentified gunmen attacked his restaurant in Baldia

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April 8, 2019


Old habits die hard: Karachi traffic enforcement cop lets offender go for just Rs100

He was driving the wrong way on Sharae Faisal

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March 14, 2019


Karachi traffic police go after fancy cars with fancier number plates in Defence

The drivers of 20 cars were issued challans

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February 3, 2019


Karachi traffic policeman in hot water after video emerges of him beating up labourers over a challan

The Sindh IG and Karachi AIG have taken notice of the incident

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February 1, 2019


Residents of Islamabad can now get their driving licences made in a single day

The traffic police have started a new operation

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January 30, 2019


Four suspects detained over the killing of a traffic policeman in Karachi

The body of a traffic policeman was found near Nishtar Road on Monday

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January 22, 2019


More than 10 traffic violations will cost drivers their licences in Multan

New magnetic licences will be issued from Jan 1

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December 29, 2018


Residents of Islamabad can’t have tinted windows on their cars anymore

The police are going to take action, even if you have an exemption certificate

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December 7, 2018


The Quetta police want all motorcyclists to start wearing helmets

From Monday, riding a motorcycle without a helmet could land you a heavy fine

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November 11, 2018


Rickshaw driver who set himself on fire dies at Civil Hospital, Karachi

In a suicide note he said that he committed suicide because a traffic policeman extorted money from every day

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October 22, 2018


Traffic police officer shot dead in Karachi

Deceased has been identified as Sub-Inspector Rafique

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October 3, 2018


Watch: Where will he run to? Karachi man chases cop who took 100-rupee bribe

It was the kind of street justice you see in the movies. A man who gave a bribe to a traffic policeman filmed it on mobile phone. The copper started to run off. The man went in hot pursuit, filming it as he ran. “How far is he going to run today,” he is heard…

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July 28, 2018


Lahore’s traffic police want you to vote

Lahore’s city traffic police are educating the public on the importance of voting. Traffic policemen in the city are no longer issuing tickets on identity cards. This policy will continue till July 25. The reason for this seemingly strange move is to educate the public on voting and ensure that they are able to vote….

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July 7, 2018


Thousands of illegal rickshaws running in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Thousands of illegal rickshaws are running on the streets of Peshawar. Only 20,000 out of 70,000 rickshaws are registered in the transport department. Several rickshaws have been registered on the same registration number. The illegal public transport mean is also a big security risk in the city. Traffic police is blaming Excise and Transport…

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March 18, 2018


No more hassles, no more bribes as ITP introduces e-ticketing system

Reported by: Noor-ul-Amin Danish Cameraman: Mehran Khan ISLAMABAD: The federal capital’s traffic police have introduced the e-ticketing system that aims to ward off bribes and reduce hassles for consumers.  Gone are the days when you had to stand in long lines or pay challan slips at the bank in case of traffic violations. Islamabad Traffic…

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March 9, 2018


Watch: Rickshaw driver brawls with traffic police wardens

A rickshaw driver brawled with traffic police wardens when he was made to stop at Karachi’s Model Colony.

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December 24, 2017