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New book tells kids about Pakistan’s superhero, Edhi

The children’s book chronicles his life and work

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June 12, 2019


Marvel launches a retro website to promote Captain Marvel

It features all of the brightly coloured graphics of the 90s

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February 10, 2019


Shah Rukh Khan could become Marvel’s first Indian superhero

Marvel has showed its interest in creating an Indian character similar to Black Panther

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September 13, 2018


Marvel plans to introduce first Muslim superhero

Marvel president Kevin Feige has said that his studio is planning to introduce a Muslim superhero Ms Marvel in upcoming movies. In an interview with the BBC, Feige said the studio has plans for the character whose real name is Kamala Khan. “Ms Marvel, which is another character in the comic books, the Muslim hero…

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May 17, 2018


British inventor takes flight in ‘Iron Man’ suit

VANCOUVER: British inventor Richard Browning lifted off from the shore of Vancouver Harbor on Thursday in a personal flight suit that inspired references to comic superhero ‘Iron Man.’

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April 28, 2017


New superhero—Ant Man is on his way

A trailer of Marvel’s new superhero flick Ant Man has been released. The film will be released on July 17, 2015.

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April 14, 2015


'Daredevil' brings Marvel comic punch to Netflix

WASHINGTON: From the pages of a comic book that first came out in the Sixties comes the latest superhero to score a comeback on American television. “Marvel's Daredevil” is the first of five Netflix original series to be rolled out by under a groundbreaking deal with Marvel Comics. Debuting on Friday, it stars Charlie Cox…

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April 9, 2015


Is a superhero coming to rescue Bollywood?

MUMBAI: Bollywood is looking for its next superhero, one that can swoop in and provide entertainment to a business bereft of new ideas. Its name might be Franchise Man. At least two studios are focusing on franchises, writing scripts and developing stories that will span at least three films. This is a new concept for…

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March 7, 2015


Marvel Comics introduces Pakistani female superhero 'Kamala Khan'

NEW YORK: Move over Black Widow and step aside She-Hulk: Marvel Comics is introducing a new superhero – a 16-year-old Muslim-American girl named Kamala Khan, to reflect the growing diversity of its readers.The character, who will be the new Ms. Marvel, lives with her conservative Pakistani parents and brother in New Jersey. She will make…

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November 7, 2013


Studios bring star power to promote superhero blockbusters

SAN DIEGO: Studios brought A-list surprises to San Diego's Comic-Con on Saturday to promote upcoming superhero blockbusters.Comic-Con is the largest annual gathering of fans of the comic book, sci-fi and fantasy genres, drawing around 125,000 people over four days, and has become a major battleground for moviemakers.In recent years the convention has seen more and…

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July 21, 2013


Search for dad sets Spidey on superhero course

SAN DIEGO: It's not just a random mutant spider bite that sets Hollywood's new Peter Parker on the superhero career track. From the trailer of “The Amazing Spider-Man” and footage previewed Friday at the Comic-Con fan convention, it's clear that something dark and deep is at the heart of Peter's fateful encounter with that spider….

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July 24, 2011