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iPhone battery smoke forces evacuation at Apple store

Geneva: An overheated and smoking iPhone battery forced the evacuation of about 50 people from an Apple Store in Zurich on Tuesday and left an employee slightly injured, police said. Staff at the store near Zurich’s central train station called police after noticing the smoke and sprinkled the battery with quartz powder, a statement from…

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Lahore: The world’s second most populated city

By Maemuna Sadaf Lahore, capital territory of Punjab province was covered by smog for a long period recently. According to world report, Lahore is declared as second most hazardous for health. Smog in Lahore crossed all the international bench marks of being most dangerous pollutant across the globe. It remained between 450 ug/m3 (micrograms per…

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In Lahore, Smog Has Become a ‘Fifth Season’

LAHORE: For nearly two weeks, Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city, has been like one huge airport smokers’ lounge. But Abid Omar’s jaw still dropped on Wednesday, when he checked the air-quality monitor he had installed to track the city’s appalling pollution, reported New York Times. It said that levels of the dangerous particulates known as PM2.5,…

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Russian diplomats vacate three properties on US orders

SAN FRANCISCO: Russian diplomats vacated three properties in the United States on Saturday including the six-storey consulate in San Francisco, complying with a US order issued in retaliation for Moscow cutting the American diplomatic presence in Russia, reported Reuters. Staff at the San Francisco consulate were seen moving equipment, furniture and small items from the…

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Blaze rips through Dubai skyscraper ‘The Torch’

DUBAI: Panicked residents fled one of the tallest towers in Dubai early Friday after a fire ripped through it, the second blaze to hit the skyscraper in as many years. Authorities said no casualties were reported from the blaze which erupted in the middle to upper floors of The Torch, once the tallest residential development…

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Seeing e-cigarettes may boost desire to smoke

Newer versions of e-cigarettes known as vape pens may not look much like traditional cigarettes, but seeing someone use these devices still sparks a desire to smoke, a recent study suggests.

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Civilians pay price of IS’s ‘smoke war’ around Mosul

The smoke from fires lit by Islamic State jihadists to provide cover from air strikes has painted the northern Iraqi sky black, providing a dramatic backdrop for the Mosul offensive. The use of smoke in warfare is likely as old as war itself but the masks and technology available to Iraqi forces in this conflict…

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Dubai airport shut down after Emirates accident

DUBAI: Dubai airport, the world’s busiest in terms of international passengers, was shut down Wednesday following an accident involving a landing Emirates plane, it said. “All operations (arrivals and departures) at (Dubai International) DXB have been suspended until further notice following the incident involving flight EK521,” Dubai Airports said on Twitter. .@DubaiAirports:All operations(arrivals & departures)…

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Brazilian artist works with smoke

A Brazilian artist blazes his way through the art world with weed paintings created by blowing cigarette's smoke.

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Gaza truce efforts go up in smoke

GAZA CITY: The Islamist Hamas movement continued firing rockets at Israel Sunday, despite claims it had accepted a UN request for a 24-hour extension of a humanitarian truce in war-torn Gaza. Hamas's belated acceptance of diplomatic calls for a temporary ceasefire was announced several hours after Israel resumed a devastating military assault on the enclave…

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Smoke-free city but for some time

Faryal Arif reports from Karachi where a surprise strike left the most city roads deserted and somewhat purged of pollution and smoke.

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Russia's Syria diplomacy, a game of smoke and mirrors

MOSCOW: Sitting at a long table in Russia's Foreign Ministry, Syrian opposition leaders outlined a plan to protect Moscow's interests if the Kremlin agreed to the removal of its longstanding ally, President Bashar al-Assad.Throughout the meeting last July, one of many since the start of Syria's civil war, Russian officials sat stony-faced. When the Syrians…

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White smoke signals new pope elected

VATICAN CITY: White smoke poured from the roof of the Sistine Chapel on Wednesday and the bells of St. Peter's Basilica pealed, signalling that cardinals had chosen a new pope to lead the troubled Roman Catholic Church after only five ballots.The decision by 115 cardinal electors came sooner than many faithful expected because of the…

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Black smoke signals inconclusive papal vote

VATICAN CITY: Black smoke rose from the Vatican's Sistine Chapel on Wednesday, signalling Roman Catholic cardinals had not agreed on a pope to succeed Benedict on their first full morning of voting in a secret conclave.Cardinals held an initial ballot on Tuesday and held two more on Wednesday morning, with the black smoke showing that…

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Smoke-free laws linked to drop in child asthma attacks

LONDON: Introducing laws banning smoking in enclosed public places can lead to swift and dramatic falls in the number of children admitted to hospital suffering asthma attacks, according to a study in England published on Monday.Researchers at Imperial College London found there was a 12.3 percent fall in hospital admissions for childhood asthma in the…

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Most women exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke in China

HONG KONG: Nearly two-thirds of women of reproductive age in China are exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke at home and over half are exposed in the workplace, which raises the risk of complications in pregnancy, including stillbirths and infant death.The findings, released by the World Health Organisation on Tuesday, are from a tobacco survey conducted…

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Generator smoke kills newly married couple in Jhang

Staff ReportISLAMABAD: A newly-wed couple in Jhang died of generator’s smoke on the first night of their wedding on Saturday.The incident took place at Satellite Town in Jhang. According to reports, the couple inhaled the fume from the generator kept in their room. The generator was arranged by the groom’s friend as a back up…

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White House smoke bomb triggers scare in US capital

WASHINGTON: A smoke bomb was reported thrown over the White House north fence Tuesday night, according to the Secret Service. The White House was locked down while authorities investigated.According to details, Someone threw at the participants of Occupy DC movement, what appeared to be a smoke bomb that triggered a scare and alert situation around…

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Karachi: Smoke engulfs entire area near Sh-e-Faisal

Staff ReportKARACHI: Thick clouds of smoke have engulfed entire area near Shahra-e-Faisal in Karachi this evening, SAMAA reported on Thursday.According to details, this noon at about 3.00 PM fire broke out in the bushes near Shahrah-e-Faisal and gradually whole area from Karsaz to Drigh Road engulfed in thick smoke clouds caused by the bush fire.The…

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Poisonous industrial smoke

Anwar Raza highlights issue of poisonous industrial smoke in residential area of Rawalpindi.

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Secondhand smoke tied to higher birth defect risk

NEW YORK: Women exposed to secondhand smoke while pregnant are more likely to experience a stillbirth or have babies with birth defects, a new study concludes.Stillbirth, in which the fetus dies during the second half of the pregnancy, was 23 percent more common and birth defects were 13 percent more common among women who lived…

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