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Flu: This young mother died one day after falling sick

Alani Murrieta NEWS DESK: A young mother from Phoenix, Arizona has tragically passed away just one day after contracting the flu, reported The Independent. Alani Murrieta was 20-years-old and had no pre-existing health conditions when she started feeling unwell. She was rushed to hospital after she began encountering breathing difficulties and was subsequently diagnosed with…

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Why exercise could be making you sick

NEWS DESK: Could exercise be making you sick? Up to half of athletes experience some form of gastrointestinal discomfort while exercising, reported The Independent. While the severity of symptoms varies between cases, these can include nausea, vomiting, abdominal angina, and bloody diarrhoea. This is because blood flow is typically reduced during intense exercise, the Sports…

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Disabled Jiala Bent On Suicide Over PPP Apathy

While saving his leader, Shaheed Benazir Bhuto in 2007 Karsaz bombing, this Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Jiala suffered crippling injuries . Medical experts say he needs special treatment only available abroad. Unfortunately the party leadership, to whom these passionate party workers are no more than disposable expendables, is not in a mood to take some…

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Sick chickens being sold to Karachiites

The unscrupulous profiteers in poultry business are playing havoc with the lives of people, as ailing chickens are being sold in Karachi. Faisal Shakeel reports from Karachi. 

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Watch Samaa’s shocking report

How Sindh government has dished out hefty amount of money to its favorite industrial units in the name of revival of sick sugar factories. Watch a shocking report of Samaa’s investigation unit.

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Sick in winter but healthy in summer? Blame your genes

PARIS: Nearly a quarter of our genes change how active they are according to the season, which may explain why people are more prone to illness in winter rather than summer, scientists said Tuesday. In a study published in the journal Nature Communications, the researchers said they were stunned by just how much of our…

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Sleeping 7-8hrs a night linked to taking fewer sick days

NEW YORK: Adults who say they sleep between seven and eight hours per night miss fewer work days due to sickness than others, according to a Finnish study. The researchers calculate that if insomnia, apnea and other kinds of sleep disturbances were eliminated, the total cost of worker sick days could be cut by 28…

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Rulers are mentally sick, says Khattak

ISLAMABAD: Criticizing the PML-N government for using force against the PTI and PAT workers, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak said that the rulers are mentally sick. Talking to media here on Sunday, Khattak asked “Are the rulers stronger than Pak Army and the court?” He said that his party workers are going to participate in…

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No sick leave, $1 per hour for maid in US-India row – court papers

NEW DELHI: An Indian diplomat accused of visa fraud and lying about underpaying her maid coached the nanny to mislead U.S. officials, confiscated her passport and made her work 100-hour, seven-day weeks, according to a U.S. grand jury indictment.Devyani Khobragade, who was India's deputy consul-general in New York, was effectively expelled from the United States…

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Lufthansa cancels flights as Paris staff call in sick

FRANKFURT: German airline Lufthansa cancelled four flights to and from Paris after most of its workers there called in sick on Thursday morning, a spokesman for the company said.Some passengers due to fly to Paris from Frankfurt were taken there by bus, the spokesman said, adding flight operations had returned to normal by the afternoon….

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Sick professor seeks Chief Justice’s help for retirement

Muhammad Raza Khan sheds light on miseries of a sick Associate Professor of Mirpur Khas, who seeks help of the Chief Justice for getting due retirement on ailment basis from the Sindh Education Department.

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Jackson's mother blames promoter for not helping 'sick' son

LOS ANGELES: The mother of late pop star Michael Jackson said in court on Friday that concert promoter AEG Live failed to get her son proper medical attention when he became sick while preparing for a comeback tour in 2009.It was the first time Katherine Jackson, 83, has taken the stand in the trial in…

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Saudi officials decide to deny Hajj visas to aged, sick persons this year

Staff ReportJEDDAH: Saudi Arabian Hajj Officials have decided to deny visas to the aged and severely sick persons this year as they could suffer from a new dangerous virus spread in Middle East, SAMAA reports.After informal cut in Hajj quotas by the Saudi authorities, now it has been decided of not issuing visas to very…

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Royal Caribbean cruise ship hit by virus; 108 sick

FLORIDA: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd said on Friday that 108 people fell sick with a gastrointestinal illness believed to be a norovirus on its Vision of the Seas ship, which docked in Port Everglades, Florida, at the end of an 11-day trip.The outbreak was the latest black eye for the cruise industry, trying to regain…

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Venezuela's sick Chavez misses own inauguration bash

CARACAS: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez remained on his sickbed in Cuba on Thursday while supporters planned to rally in his honor on the day he should have been sworn in for a new six-year term in the South American OPEC nation.The postponement of the inauguration, a first in Venezuelan history, has laid bare the gravity…

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Mentally-sick mother slaughters 6-year-old daughter in Karachi

Staff ReportKARACHI: A mentally-sick mother slaughtered her six-year-old daughter and burnt her dead body in Landhi area of the city, SAMAA reports on Sunday.According to police sources, a woman, Amber, slaughtered her six-year-old daughter, Uroosh.Her husband Aamir told that she was mentally-sick and was getting treatment. She was back home after remaining under treatment in…

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A sick world: We live longer, with more pain and illness

LONDON: The world has made huge progress fighting killer infectious diseases, but as a result we now lead longer and sicker lives, with health problems that cause us years of pain, disability and mental distress.This “devastating irony”, as researchers describe it, is the main conclusion of a five-year study that forms the most comprehensive assessment…

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Mystery of 21,000 sick Australian sheep

Sheharyar Ahmad sheds light on mystery of sick 21,000 sheep. These sheep had been imported as healthy animals but some reports and local concerned authorities declared them disease-afflicted and issued orders for dumping.

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21,000 sick Australian sheep’s elimination continues, over 600 dumped

Staff ReportKARACHI: Elimination of 21,000 sick sheep continues after Commissioner's orders and so far over 600 have been dumped, after slaughter, in a large trench near Super Highway in Karachi, SAMAA reported on Monday.People residing near dumping side have started opposing burial of the sick and slaughtered sheep in their area. They have said that…

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21,000 sick Australian sheep’s elimination starts

Sheharyar Janjua shares with us details of import and dumping of 21,000 sick Australian sheep in Karachi.

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Sick Australian sheep imported in Pakistan

Sheharyar Janjua sheds light on import of sick Australian sheep in Pakistan.

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