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Pakistani scientist discovers signs of life on Saturn’s moon

Dr Nozair Khawaja hails from Punjab’s Wazirabad

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October 7, 2019


Dwarf planet has a ring to it: study

Move over Saturn! Scientists have found a ring around an unassuming mini-planet in our Solar System to debunk the theory that only giant planets can be so adorned. The planet, dubbed Haumea, orbits the Sun far beyond Neptune — the eighth and furthest recognised “full” planet in our star system since Pluto was downgraded to…

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October 11, 2017


NASA’s $3.9 bn Cassini spacecraft makes death plunge into Saturn

After 20 years in space, NASA’s famed Cassini spacecraft made its final death plunge into Saturn on Friday, ending a storied mission that scientists say taught us nearly everything we know about Saturn today and transformed the way we think about life elsewhere in the solar system. Cassini, an international project that cost $3.9 billion…

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September 15, 2017


U.S. spacecraft readies for fiery plunge into Saturn after 13-year mission

WASHINGTON: The U.S. space agency’s Cassini spacecraft will end its 13-year mission to Saturn in mid-September by transmitting data until the final moment before it plunges into the ringed planet’s atmosphere, officials said on Tuesday, reported Reuters. Cassini, the first spacecraft to orbit Saturn, will make the last of 22 farewell dives between the planet’s…

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August 30, 2017


NASA spacecraft survives dive through Saturn’s rings

WASHINGTON: An unmanned NASA spacecraft has survived its plunge between the rings of Saturn and, after briefly going dark for the flyby, is communicating again with Earth, the US space agency said Thursday. Cassini skimmed closer than any previous spacecraft to the sixth planet from the Sun, and lived to tell the tale, sending back…

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April 28, 2017


NASA plans to send submarine to Saturn's moon Titan

ISLAMABAD: NASA is planning to develop a submarine and send it all the way to Saturn's moon Titan to explore its mysterious ocean. The US space agency wants to organize a possible mission to Titan's largest sea, Kracken Mare, Science Daily reported. Titan is the only known body in the solar system to have a…

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February 15, 2015