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1,000 days of war: How the Saudi-led conflict has destroyed Yemen

SANA’A: Today, Yemen marks 1,000 days of war that the Saudi-led coalition of countries have waged on it. The conflict has wreaked havoc on the Yemeni population as millions continue to starve and thousands continue to die.  As per credible international news reports and humanitarian aid groups, as many as 1.2 million civil servants have…

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Civilians wounded in Saudi-led strikes on Yemen capital: witnesses

SANAA: Air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition left at least three civilians wounded in Yemen’s rebel-held capital Sanaa late Friday, witnesses said. The strikes hit a residential area near the ministry of defence building, which had been targeted just before. “I was sitting at home and heard the first strike hit the ministry of defence….

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Saudi-led strikes hit defence ministry in Yemen capital

SANAA: The Saudi-led coalition carried out two air strikes on the defence ministry in Yemen’s rebel-held capital Sanaa late Friday, witnesses and rebel media said, without reporting casualties. Warplanes continued to circle in the skies above Sanaa after the strikes, the witnesses added. The Huthi rebel media outlet Al-Masirah also reported the two air strikes….

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Yemen declares state of emergency over cholera outbreak

SANAA: Authorities in Sanaa, which is controlled by Shiite rebels, have declared a state of emergency over a deadly outbreak of cholera that has spread rapidly in the Yemeni capital. The Huthi-run health ministry said cases of cholera had worsened and that it was “unable to contain this disaster”, in a statement carried overnight by…

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Yemen children dream of school as war keeps them out

SANAA: Roua Ahmed’s classes ended abruptly when her school in Yemen was bombed, but she still clings to her dream of getting an education. She is one of hundreds of thousands of young Yemenis forced out of school since fighting escalated with a Saudi-led intervention against Shiite Huthi rebels two years ago. The war has…

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Eight women, 1 child killed in Yemen air raid

SANAA: Eight women and a child were killed in an overnight air raid on a funeral reception near Sanaa, medics in the Yemeni capital said Thursday. At least 10 more women were wounded, according to medics. Huthi rebels in Sanaa accused a Saudi-backed coalition of carrying out the strike. A coalition spokesperson was not immediately…

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Saudi-led coalition says it ‘wrongly targeted’ Yemen funeral

RIYADH: The Saudi-led coalition battling Yemeni rebels said Saturday that one of its warplanes had “wrongly targeted” a funeral in the capital Sanaa, killing more than 140 people, and announced disciplinary proceedings. The October 8 strike prompted an international outcry and strong criticism even from Saudi Arabia’s closest Western allies. “Because of non-compliance with coalition…

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More than 140 killed in air strikes on Yemen funeral: UN

UNITED NATIONS: More than 140 people were killed and more than 525 injured on Saturday when air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition hit a funeral ceremony in Yemen, a United Nations official said.

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Dozens killed in ‘Saudi’ strikes on funeral in Yemen

Rebels in control of Yemen’s capital accused the Saudi-led coalition fighting them of killing dozens of people Saturday and wounding hundreds more in air strikes on a funeral attended by senior officials. The strikes came as Saudi Arabia, which has overseen the bombing of Huthi rebels in Yemen since March 2015, is under increasing international…

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Air strike on Yemen market kills 30 rebels, civilians

SANAA: At least 30 rebels and civilians were killed Saturday when warplanes from the Saudi-led coalition struck a market northeast of the rebel-held Yemeni capital Sanaa, witnesses said. The air strike targeted three rebel vehicles as they entered a market in the town of Naqil bin Ghaylan, killing at least 30 Huthi insurgents and civilians,…

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At least 13 killed, 38 wounded in Yemen wedding bombing

SANAA: At least 13 people were killed and 38 others wounded in the bombing of a wedding in a rebel-held Yemeni town, a medical source said Thursday, as witnesses accused the Saudi-led coalition of being behind the attack.

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Mosque bombing in Yemen capital kills at least 25: medics

SANAA: A bomb attack targeting Shiite worshippers at a mosque in Yemen’s capital on Thursday killed at least 25 people and wounded dozens more during prayers for the Muslim holiday of Eid ul Azha, medics said.

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Yemen rebel chief says ready for political settlement

SANAA: The leader of Yemen's Iran-backed rebels said a political settlement with the exiled government was still possible after what he called the “short-term” setback of their ouster from second city Aden. Abdulmalik al-Huthi said the rebels would welcome a new attempt by a third party to broker a deal after the failure of UN-brokered…

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Arab air strikes hit military bases in Yemen

CAIRO: Saudi-led air strikes hit three military bases in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Saturday and the Yemeni government in exile expressed reservations about United Nations-led talks aimed at ending the eight-week war. Residents said the air raids hit a munitions store in one of the bases, setting off a large explosion which sent rockets…

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Coalition warplanes pound Yemen rebels ahead of truce

SANAA: Saudi-led warplanes pressed air strikes against rebel positions in Yemen early Monday, 36 hours before a scheduled five-day pause to allow the delivery of much-needed humanitarian aid, witnesses said. The coalition pounded the Shiite Huthi rebel stronghold of Saada in the northern mountains for a third straight night after declaring the whole province a military…

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Yemen air strike kills 25, wounds hundreds

SANAA: An air strike on a Scud missile base in the Houthi-controlled Yemeni capital Sanaa triggered a big explosion that killed 25 people and wounded almost 400 on Monday, state news agency Saba said. Saudi Arabia has led an alliance of Arab countries in air strikes against the Houthi group and army units loyal to…

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Qaeda frees 300 inmates in Yemen jailbreak

SANAA: Al-Qaeda militants stormed a prison in southeastern Yemen on Thursday, freeing several hundred inmates including one of their leaders, a security official said. Khalid Batarfi, a senior Al-Qaeda figure who had been held for more than four years, was among more than 300 prisoners who escaped from the jail in Hadramawt province, the official…

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Warplanes hit Yemen's Sanaa overnight, after dawn: residents

SANAA: Warplanes struck Yemen's capital Sanaa overnight and after daybreak on Monday, residents said, on the fifth day of a campaign by Saudi-led forces against Houthi forces opposed to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. One of the residents said the strikes appeared mainly focused around the diplomatic quarter of the capital. “It was a night from…

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Yemeni protesters storm U.S. embassy in Sanaa – witnesses

DUBAI: Hundreds of Yemeni demonstrators stormed the U.S. embassy in Sanaa on Thursday in protest at a film they consider blasphemous to Islam, and security guards tried to hold them off by firing into the air. The attack followed Tuesday night's storming of the United States Consulate in Benghazi, where the ambassador and three other…

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Yemeni civilian killed in Sanaa clash

SANAA: A Yemeni civilian was shot dead Wednesday in a shootout between the Republican Guard and gunmen loyal to dissident tribal chief Sadiq al-Ahmar, witnesses said. The clash broke out when a military commission attempted to remove barriers near the interior ministry in Amran Street, Hasaba neighbourhood, in an effort to return the capital to…

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5 protesters killed by snipers in SANAA

SANAA: At least five protesters were killed and 10 others were injured Thursday in renewed clashes in Yemen's capital Sanaa, according to medics.The snipers on the rooftop of buildings around the protesters' sit-in square outside Sanaa university have shot dead at least five demonstrators, including two women, and injured 10 others, doctors of hospitals near…

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