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Pride’s deadly fury

By: Shazia Tasneem If one wants to test that how passionate Pakistanis are about their national interest, just fix a match with India and the result will inundate the parameter.  Even the level of their sporting spirit will devastate the opponent. This is exactly what happened on June 18, the day of ICC Champions Trophy…

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Journey of the Champions

By: Saim Khan ICC Champions trophy, the event played by top 8 cricketing nations of the world held its 8th edition June 2017. The first two editions of this tournament were called ICC Knockout tournament which were held in the year 1998 and 2000. Pakistan the most unpredictable team of the world was not even…

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Mango Festival

By: Iqra Junejo Mango “The national Fruit of Pakistan” and off-course “King of all the fruits” has arrived in markets of the Pakistan since May 2017. But, unfortunately prices of Mangoes are still very high in many retails markets, and this hike has kept mangoes far away from the access of people having limited financial resources, though…

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An unforgettable Iftar experience

By: Filza Jawad Hai Ramadan is the most awaited month of this year where everyone joins together to enjoy some amazing Iftar and Sehri feasts. Of course, the most amazing part of this month is that it is filled with numerous blessings of Allah where we all congregate to worships and thank Him for His…

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Turning 40

 By: Zara Maqbool Age is just a number or so they say and I wholeheartedly believed it until I turned 39 and the reality of entering my 40s no longer seemed like a long way to go. I still continued to enjoy myself choosing to ignore what lay ahead. But then it seemed like 40…

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Sexism in the corridors of power

By: Nazia Memon I have a doubt that Khawaja Asif Federal Defence Minister has been working as the builder who have possessions with building machinery like tractor trolley and dumper but he is not the builder like “Bob”  because Bob the builder emphasizes conflict resolutions and Khawaja Asif like to create conflicts with opponent parties,…

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‘Ilm har bachay ka haq hai’: Your support can change lives.

By: Danya Zaidi ‘Ilm har bachay ka haq hai’(Education is a right of every child) – You probably heard this zillion times but how often you have really done something to educate a child? Or even lend a minute to think about this? Not even once. Our negligence and paucity of funds has impelled many…

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Summer Storm

    By: Zara Maqbool Bless my three beautiful children, but God knows it feels like being hit by a hurricane the day the summers started. How? Let me elaborate. For starters their wonderful body clocks to date refuse to sleep beyond 7:00 am whereas during school year waking them up was quite a task….

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By: Shazia Tasneem My life has been influenced by a pink saree, a lovely gift which I had received on my fresher’s day on the campus of one of the best highest institute of Asia. I had worn that saree only once. But still can feel the soft touch of the drape which lives animated…

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 “Bachat Bazar’s” are the best place for affordable shopping

By: Muzammil Ferozi As every thing has its own value the same “Bachat Bazars” are but due to law in order situation and enhancements of land rent by authorities “Bachat Bazars” are getting closed day by day because of it middle and lower class people are suffering. Around 200 small and big Bachat bazaars were…

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Why I quit Smoking, Facebook and Twitter?

By: Imran Khushal   It is funny when I quit smoking I was asked HOW? When I quit Facebook and Twitter I was asked WHY?   The HOW question made me feel like I have achieved something which others failed to but the WHY question made me feel that I have done something wrong.  …

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‘Be Strong’

 By: Zara Maqbool I have been working in a rehab facility since some time now. My initial exposure to drug addiction and substance abuse users brought mixed feelings of shock and empathy. Shock at the degree of damage the addiction can do and empathy for the addicts who are trying their best to break away…

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5 ways to manage untimely cravings

By: Asra Malik For the past few years I’ve been a loyal companion to the pizzas, burgers, fries and lots more from the same clan. Mid-night cravings and I share a strong bong together – stuff in generously, later feel guilty. However, it gets annoying when you get to realize you’ve added an extra layer…

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The Guilt Trip

 By: Zara Maqbool A dear friend of mine, a stay at home mom and homemaker asked me today. “Why do I feel guilty if I do anything for myself and where did this guilt come from?” I told her that I think our mothers have handed it over to us and they inherited it from…

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Cultivating creative minds

  By: Muzammil Ahmed Ferozi Education is considered as the most powerful tool for overall progress of a nation, but it is crucial to know first what “Education” means in its real sense. In this contemporary and competitive world just to have a degree is not enough! Degree can never ascertain progress and development or…

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Date Night!

By: Zara Maqbool I asked my husband of sixteen years and counting on a date last week through WhatsApp. The two blue ticks indicated that he had indeed read my text but the lack of reply is what is very common in a marriage as old as ours. Of course my silence to that lack…

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Inclusive education: Pakistan can learn from BRAC

Inclusive education: Pakistan can learn from BRAC Bangladesh experience When I landed at Dhaka Airport last month, I was struck by so many similarities between Pakistan and Bangladesh that I turned to Google map to confirm my current location. With so many similarities, there are some contrasting differences too. Pakistan and Bangladesh are a natural…

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True beauty lies in a Salon

By: Zara Maqbool A salon is like a second home for almost all the women irrespective of which part of the world they are from, of course the factor of affordability being there.  At least once a week a visit is a must for a single service or a range of services be it hair…

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HOW – House of incredible wings!

House of wings (HOW) is a casual and well-designed double storied café, known for its authentic chicken wings and steaks. It’s located on 31C stadium lane 2, Phase 5, DHA, next to Chatkharay (khadda market). Usually you must have tried barbeque wings, honey mustard wings, buffalo wings, wasabi wings. House of Wings brings you a…

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Indian despotism in Kashmir

Kashmiris have long dreamt of creating an independent nation up there in the bright green valleys of the Himalayas. It’s an earnest desire India has no intention of allowing. The region has been a flashpoint for more than 60 years now, rebellion against India’s rule over Kashmir is neither new nor surprising – and the…

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Writer’s Block

By :Zara Maqbool This is my thirty-sixth blog! Every week before my previous blog gets published; I already know what I want to write about. This is a first for me where for hours I stared at my laptop screen thinking what would be worthy of the reader’s interest. What can create awareness or impart…

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