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‘Be Strong’

 By: Zara Maqbool I have been working in a rehab facility since some time now. My initial exposure to drug addiction and substance abuse users brought mixed feelings of shock and empathy. Shock at the degree of damage the addiction can do and empathy for the addicts who are trying their best to break away…

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5 ways to manage untimely cravings

By: Asra Malik For the past few years I’ve been a loyal companion to the pizzas, burgers, fries and lots more from the same clan. Mid-night cravings and I share a strong bong together – stuff in generously, later feel guilty. However, it gets annoying when you get to realize you’ve added an extra layer…

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The Guilt Trip

 By: Zara Maqbool A dear friend of mine, a stay at home mom and homemaker asked me today. “Why do I feel guilty if I do anything for myself and where did this guilt come from?” I told her that I think our mothers have handed it over to us and they inherited it from…

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Cultivating creative minds

  By: Muzammil Ahmed Ferozi Education is considered as the most powerful tool for overall progress of a nation, but it is crucial to know first what “Education” means in its real sense. In this contemporary and competitive world just to have a degree is not enough! Degree can never ascertain progress and development or…

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Date Night!

By: Zara Maqbool I asked my husband of sixteen years and counting on a date last week through WhatsApp. The two blue ticks indicated that he had indeed read my text but the lack of reply is what is very common in a marriage as old as ours. Of course my silence to that lack…

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Inclusive education: Pakistan can learn from BRAC

Inclusive education: Pakistan can learn from BRAC Bangladesh experience When I landed at Dhaka Airport last month, I was struck by so many similarities between Pakistan and Bangladesh that I turned to Google map to confirm my current location. With so many similarities, there are some contrasting differences too. Pakistan and Bangladesh are a natural…

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True beauty lies in a Salon

By: Zara Maqbool A salon is like a second home for almost all the women irrespective of which part of the world they are from, of course the factor of affordability being there.  At least once a week a visit is a must for a single service or a range of services be it hair…

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HOW – House of incredible wings!

House of wings (HOW) is a casual and well-designed double storied café, known for its authentic chicken wings and steaks. It’s located on 31C stadium lane 2, Phase 5, DHA, next to Chatkharay (khadda market). Usually you must have tried barbeque wings, honey mustard wings, buffalo wings, wasabi wings. House of Wings brings you a…

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Indian despotism in Kashmir

Kashmiris have long dreamt of creating an independent nation up there in the bright green valleys of the Himalayas. It’s an earnest desire India has no intention of allowing. The region has been a flashpoint for more than 60 years now, rebellion against India’s rule over Kashmir is neither new nor surprising – and the…

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Writer’s Block

By :Zara Maqbool This is my thirty-sixth blog! Every week before my previous blog gets published; I already know what I want to write about. This is a first for me where for hours I stared at my laptop screen thinking what would be worthy of the reader’s interest. What can create awareness or impart…

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The bold voice of humanism: Abeda Iqbal Azad

  By:Shazia Tasneem She was not a Sorojini, not Emily Dickson. Not even Perween Shakir or Meera Bai but Abeda Iqbal Azad was an activist of her own genre—a reason that has made the society of Urdu literature mourn five years after her death on April 20, 2012. If you haven’t heard that name, or…

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Shattered Illusions

By: Gulrukh Tausif We often talk about the negative impact of social media, Hollywood/Bollywood movies or video games on our children but we forget that children are exposed to a lot of violence many times a day through television, newspapers and the Internet. It has become quite a norm for news channels to air detailed…

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U.N. silence on Kashmir issue

By: Maemuna Sadaf U.N was made in 1942 in World War II when 26 countries marked a settlement of holding hands in war against the others. This arrangement was marked after the endeavors of U.S president Roosevelt. Later on more countries have joined lastly in 1945 this association was formally made. Kashmir is drawn out…

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The birth order dilemma

By: Zara Maqbool Many years ago I wrote an article on the middle child syndrome and how middle children share many similar traits. I did not highlight how being the first-born and last one in the family also deeply impacts on who we are in this world. I believe that the birth order plays a…

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Boys Don’t Cry

By: Zara Maqbool  Stop crying! You are a man! I have heard this often said to my brothers and I have been guilty of saying it to my son also till my learning as a counselor made me understand what a tall order it was. How early on we pressurize the boys to start fitting…

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Say NO to Cyber Stalking

By: Zara Maqbool Harassment is not a novel concept to any woman in the world. Most of us have faced it in one way or another and moved on or maybe not. Sometimes we think we have moved on but at times that unresolved trauma stays with us and keeps haunting us in ways that…

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Rajhdhani delights – the authentic Rajistani cuisine

By: Filza Jawad Hai Rajhdhani delights located in Clifton block 7, Marine Pride, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, has spread its aroma around the city with their authentic Rajistani delicacies. Although there were various places in Karachi that served thalis but they mostly killed the purpose of it. Rajhdhani has legit Indian/Gurati cuisine with the concept of unlimited refills…

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Terrorism won’t divide us

By:Nazia Memon It was a sunny Saturday when the demonstrators holding EU and Union flags gathered in front of the Houses of Parliament in London following an anti-Brexit, pro-European Union rally on March 25, 2017, calling for Britain to stay in the European Union, even as Prime Minister Theresa May prepares to start the withdrawal…

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Budha ghar par hy?

“Budha ghar par hai”? This simple question might sound weird to you all. If yes, then how would you feel if someone tells you “Bakra qiston pey.” Weird once again, but your perspective will change if i tell you all that both aforementioned sentences have climbed up the peak of mountains of fame. Amazed? Yes, I…

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Sindh needs an integrated vaccine outreach plan

By: Shazia Tasneem A fit and healthy body is the best fashion statement and making a child healthy is the superlative public statement that the civil society can value to lock children in the pink as well as in a better future. Unfortunately, we do not synchronize our conscious with the task of protecting children…

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Fostering Team Work

I along with all fellow workers went to a personal development workshop arranged by our Samaa TV on Saturday at a local upscale hotel. The phenomenally funtabulous funshop under the aegis of Funverks—named Renovate, Innovate—proved immensely fruitful for the participants. The trainer, Mr. Farhad Karamaly possesses special credentials in pulling things off to a complete…

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