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Sindh needs an integrated vaccine outreach plan

By: Shazia Tasneem A fit and healthy body is the best fashion statement and making a child healthy is the superlative public statement that the civil society can value to lock children in the pink as well as in a better future. Unfortunately, we do not synchronize our conscious with the task of protecting children…

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Fostering Team Work

I along with all fellow workers went to a personal development workshop arranged by our Samaa TV on Saturday at a local upscale hotel. The phenomenally funtabulous funshop under the aegis of Funverks—named Renovate, Innovate—proved immensely fruitful for the participants. The trainer, Mr. Farhad Karamaly possesses special credentials in pulling things off to a complete…

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OMG! I Sound Just Like My Mom

By Gulrukh Tausif There are a few dire warnings, threats and statements which desi mothers are prone to make, and these are handed down generations like precious heirlooms. When I was growing up, I would roll my eyes, grind my teeth, or swear to myself that I would never say such things to my children…

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Remembering Mohammad Ali

By: Omair Alavi Mohammad Ali was considered as one of the best dramatic actors of his time, yet he was behind the many successful songs of his era as well. Here we take a trip down the memory lane where we get to hear 15 of his most famous numbers and try to decipher the…

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Sin or Swim

By: Zara Maqbool Last night I had the misfortune of coming across a morning show. I had the choice of quickly changing the channel but the unexplainable and obnoxious dance number taking place made my fingers powerless to change the channel. Also the deadline of submitting a blog breathing down my neck every week piqued…

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This Iranian dish will leave your taste buds tantalized

By:Filza Jawad Hai Chullu kebab is an Iranian dish, consisting a bed of steamed basmati or saffron rice with butter on top, served with beef mutton or chicken kebabs, French fries, grilled tomato and green chilies. It has various Persian varieties. Originally this dish is served with raw egg yolk in the north-western Iran but…

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Let’s celebrate Women’s Day, Filmi style!

By Omair Alavi Gone are the days when films used to have a man as the leading characters; there have been many flicks in the last decade that have had a woman at the help – as a protagonist – and on this Women’s Day, we bring to you Top 10 films of the last…

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Pakistan Super League: Pride Unlimited!

By: Gulrukh Tausif  Over the past few weeks, there have been battles in my home that I have been happy to lose. In fact I have colluded with the rebels, sat alongside them and cheered as loudly as they had. You see, school or no school, my children refused to go to bed early and…

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Remembering Mala Begum

By: Omair Alavi In the 60s and the 70s, the film industry in Pakistan had a rich pool of female singers to playback in movies; Mala Begum was of the top female voices in the country and along with Noor Jehan and Runa Laila, she ruled the hearts till the mid 70s. She sang the…

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They Don’t Really Care About Us

By: Naumann Ansaari I used to take carrot juice daily or in alternative days of the week. Especially, in winter because I believe, I am a health conscious person who takes extra heed towards all possible ways, to keep myself away from an unhygienic life style. But when I commute; my dream of a superlative and…

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Déjà vu

By: Zara  Maqbool  So after my last week’s blog got published, ‘Switching off the mommy mode’, I received feedback from men and women questioning my logic and desire to travel alone as I had earlier mentioned in my last blog. After a most wonderful vacation spent sans hubby and kids, I no longer feel the…

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Defeat terrorism with comprehensive strategy

  Operation Radd-ul-Fasad has been announced as a continuation of the National Action Plan NAP (NAP) had been formulated after the devastating attack on Army Public School Peshawar in December 2014. For the first time there emerged a 20-point National Action Plan, a list of pointers of what needed to be done, endorsed by the…

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Rice Station – For the love of Rice!

By: Filza Jawad Hai A well spent Sunday afternoon in a homelike environment at Rice Station, located adjacent pizza point on Badar commercial. It’s a rustic themed, three storied walk-in café with a great concept of various rice dishes. It’s ‘the place’ for all you rice lovers out there. Rice Station is not just serving…

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Who is responsible?

If we talk about peace and security, the world is divided into two parts where in one part a man wakes up and learns that his kids are in school while his wife has left for shopping. He freshens up to go out for his work. He doesn’t have to worry about not being able to…

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Nikaal Awards 2017

  By: Omair Alavi Once upon a time there used to be a flourishing Pakistani film industry where quality was preferred over quantity; filmmakers knew the difference between film and TV and film actors rarely performed on TV. Film people were treated as celebrities and cinema industry flourished in all this scenario. That was the…

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Turning off the mommy mode

By: Zara Maqbool I am blessed to be a mother of three children. A teenager, pre-teen and a toddler, the apples of my life and the reason I breathe and smile. For the past thirteen years I have never traveled alone without my husband or kids, this thought never crossing my mind. How can I…

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Must visit eatery in Dubai: PF Changs

By: Filza Jawad Hai Dubai is a multicultural city comprising of only 12% of local born Emiratis and the rest are people from different cultures and countries. Which is why it’s been challenging in identifying their national dishes. However, there are variety of cuisines and cultures that have inspired Dubai. One of the exotic eateries…

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Valentine’s Day: A Different Perspective

By: Syed Adnan Ali Chishty Every year on February 14, the whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day and Pakistan too is no exception This is a day that marks the love between a man and woman.  Arguably, that love of a couple could be between husband and wife, man and his fiancée, girlfriend and boyfriend, and…

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Mindfully De-stressing

Stress is like a second skin that almost everyone wears these days. Marriage, relationships, careers, home; you name it and we all have our own bucket list of stress. We all face time and again mental and emotional pressure, some more than others. We also have our own ways of coping with it. Some go…

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Removing the Margins: An inclusive approach to Schooling in Pakistan

By: Faizan Afzal Despite prolonged and concentrated efforts, Pakistan’s literacy rate lacks behind the global average. Illiteracy is lethal for the development of any country. It is one of the major issues Pakistan is facing since inception. Pakistan has a literacy rate of 58 percent, which has improved from 35 percent in 1990-91, but still…

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Learn not Earn

By: Zara Maqbool The Sindh Assembly has collectively passed a bill against employment of children below the age of 14, which makes child labor an offence carrying a punishment of prison term and fine. The Bill states up to six-months’ imprisonment and a fine up to Rs.50, 000 for the offenders. And if a child…

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