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Hooliganism in Atif Aslam concert injures three

KARACHI: Three people were injured when chaos took place in an Atif Aslam concert in Karachi on Sunday night, Samaa reported. Popular singer Atif Aslam was performing at Karachi’s Aladdin Park when the situation got out of control. The reasons for the chaos were not disclosed. Three people were injured in the incident. The security…

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Australia police stop driver, 12, on epic car journey

SYDNEY: A 12-year-old boy trying to drive from coast-to-coast through the vast Australian outback was stopped by traffic police more than a thousand kilometres into the epic road trip, authorities said Sunday. The child was picked up by local police in the mining city of Broken Hill, around a 14-hour drive from his starting point…

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Quetta explosion injures three boys

QUETTA: At least three boys were injured in a blast at Zarghoon Road area of the provincial capital here on Friday. According to police sources, the blast was occurred when the victims were near the garbage, leaving three boys injured on the spot. The injured were rushed to civil hospital where the victims were identified…

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Strict security at SC ahead of Panama ruling

ISLAMABAD: In the run up to epic ruling of Panamagate scandal case, stringent security measures have been taken up around the premises of Supreme Court of Pakistan. At least 500 police personnel will stand guard inside the premises and additional contingent of paratroopers will remain present outside the court. Meantime, six to eight police personnel…

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‘Operation Clean-up’ to be launched in Punjab University

LAHORE: Punjab Government has decided to launch “Operation Clean-up” in Punjab University against student bodies, Samaa reported. The provincial government has decided to launch the operation against extremist elements in the educational facility. Rangers, with the cooperation of Police and Counter Terrorism Department, will carry out the crackdowns. The law enforcement agencies have been ordered…

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Police get access to Mashal Khan’s cell phone data

Mardan Police on Sunday arrested another suspects in connection with the lynching of Mashal Khan, a 23-year-old student who was attacked by mob after being accused of blasphemy earlier this week. The number of suspects arrested in connection with the tragic incident has increased to 16. Officials said that investigators have also got access to…

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Woman allegedly murders child over petty dispute

KARACHI: A woman allegedly murdered a child over a petty issue in Karachi’s Bhains Colony, Samaa reported. According to details, a scuffle took place between the children of two women named Saira and Ameera. The issue was resolved the same day. The situation did not end there and then as Saira called Ameera’s son Shaukat…

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Sri Lanka garbage dump collapse kills at least 15

COLOMBO: The death toll from a collapsed garbage mountain in Sri Lanka’s capital rose to 15 Saturday, officials said, with the disaster destroying 145 homes. Soysa said a total of 21 people were brought to the hospital from Kolonnawa, where the 300-foot (91-metre) high rubbish dump crashed on homes. “We remain on standby, some people…

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Lahore: Security forces foil terror bid ahead of Easter, woman terrorist arrested

LAHORE: Security forces foiled a terror bid in Lahore ahead of Easter as a terrorist was gunned down and a woman saboteur was arrested, Samaa reported.   According to Inter Services Public Relations, security forces carried out a successful operation near Punjab Housing Society in Lahore. A terrorist was killed in the exchange of fire…

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Surge in terrorism

By: Adnan Adil Surge in terrorism is manifest in five horrific suicide attacks that killed more than 160 people during the last three months. Lahore and Parachinar were drenched in blood twice this year while one attacked was carried out at Sehwan Sharif. Lahore has been on high security alert for several months. It is…

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Teror bid foiled in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Police foiled a terror bid in Peshawar as they arrested three terrorists in Peshawar who were planning to carry out an explosion, Samaa reported. Police stated that the terrorists were arrested while they were trying to plant an bomb at Northern Bypass. Five-kilograms of explosive material were recovered from the arrested terrorists. The authorities…

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Punjab police start getting new uniform

LAHORE: Punjab Police uniform was replaced with the new olive green colour uniforms on Monday, as the traditional black and khaki colour had been changed after 59 years. The implementation of wearing of the new uniform has initially started from the provincial capital and 42,000 uniform kits have been provided to the Punjab policemen. The…

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PPP minister justifies police force against ‘FixIt’ campaigners

Police used force to foil a protest by ‘FixIt’ campaigner Alamgir Khan who came out on roads against change of IG Sindh. Watch Sindh Minister Nasir Shah’s views who justifies the crackdown….

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Video: Police crack down on Alamgir Khan’s protest

Police used force to thaw a protest by ‘FixIt’ campaigner Alamgir Khan who came out on roads against change of IG Sindh. Watch this report…

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Police use water cannon against ‘FixIt’ campaigners in Karachi

KARACHI: Police on Sunday cracked down on protesting workers of civil society, led by Alamgir Khan, outside Karachi Press Club. The social workers were protesting outside Karachi Press Club this evening against removal of IG Sindh AD. Khawaja when police used water cannon and baton-charge on them. According to our correspondent said police used the…

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Robber shot dead by citizen in Karachi

KARACHI: A citizen shot dead a robber in Karachi on Saturday, Samaa reported. According to our correspondent, two robbers on a motorcycle stopped their bike near a car at Malir’s Rafa-e-Aam area and broke the window of the vehicle. The citizen took out his gun and opened fire at the robbers, killing one of them…

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Faith healer murders 20 disciples in Sargodha

SARGODHA: In a brutal incident, a faith healer and his companions murdered 20 disciples in Sargodha on Saturday night, Samaa reported.

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Watch: Patrol police hopefuls faint in test run

A marathon took place in Multan as part of enlisting in the patrol police. All candidates had to run one mile. The male candidates had to complete the track in seven minutes while the females had to complete the race in 30 minutes. However, many hopefuls from both genders fainted while several managed to complete the…

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Karachi hand grenade attack injures 12

KARACHI: At least 12 people were seriously injured in a hand grenade attack in Karachi’s Lyari area, Samaa reported on Sunday. Unknown persons threw a hand grenade at the house of gang war leader Uzair Baloch at Sango Lano neighbourhood of Lyari Town in Karachi and managed to escape. The grenade explosion injured 12 persons. The…

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Woman killed while pleading for sons’ release

LAHORE: A woman was killed as policemen crushed her under the wheels of their police mobile while she was pleading for her sons’ release, Samaa reported. Police had carried out a raid in the jurisdiction of Nasirabad Police Station and had arrested two brothers over a dispute two days ago. The woman of the arrested…

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UK police say man injured in attack on parliament has died

LONDON: A man injured in Wednesday’s attack on Britain’s parliament in London has died, police said on Thursday.

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