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What did Pakistan use before dollars?

Watch the evaluation of currency throughout history

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June 12, 2019


The dollar had a volatile year in 2018

So we decided to show it Pacman-style

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April 8, 2019


Should You Sell or Buy Dollars Right Now?

Since 2017 the dollar has gone up by 20%

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April 5, 2019


Make money by choosing the right bank

Find out how in the video

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April 2, 2019


Dollar stable at Rs139

The greenback has been hovering at this level for nearly three weeks

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January 3, 2019


Rupee makes slight recovery as dollar falls to 132

On Tuesday, the dollar traded at an all-time high of Rs138

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October 12, 2018


Brace for inflation as dollar hits all-time high

In other words, an average MBA program in the US just became Rs400,000 more expensive.

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July 16, 2018