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US-S.Korea drill delay not due to China: Pentagon

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon on Monday rejected assertions in South Korean media that a decision to postpone a planned U.S.-South Korean naval exercise in the Yellow Sea was due to protests from China. “We were unable to come to a scheduling agreement,” Colonel Dave Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters. “Our decision to postpone had nothing…

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October 25, 2010


Shots fired at Pentagon, no injuries

WASHINGTON: A gunman using what investigators believe was a high-velocity rifle fired up to seven shots at the Pentagon early on Tuesday, shattering two windows but injuring no one. No suspects have yet been identified in the morning incident, the first shooting at the Pentagon since a lone gunman in March shot and wounded two…

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October 19, 2010


Pentagon says new WikiLeaks files 'more damaging'

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon on Friday renewed pressure on whistleblower site WikiLeaks not to release new secret documents on the Afghan war, saying they posed greater risks than previously released files. “We still are hopeful that WikiLeaks will not publish those documents and put further lives at risk,” said Pentagon spokesman Colonel David Lapan. “We are…

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August 14, 2010


Gates plans to slash 'top-heavy' Pentagon hierarchy

WASHINGTON: US Defense Secretary Robert Gates moved to slash a 'top-heavy' military hierarchy Monday, announcing plans to eliminate at least 50 posts for generals and admirals, close a major command and cut back on the use of contractors. Mounting the most ambitious Pentagon reform in a decade, Gates said harsh fiscal and economic realities require…

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August 10, 2010


Haqqani a very deadly terrorist network: Pentagon

WASHINGTON: Pakistan-based Haqqani network is a deadly terrorist outfit, which is responsible for more than 90 per cent of the civilian casualties in eastern part of Afghanistan, a top US military official based believes. Incidentally, the Haqqani network which has been involved in a large number of major terrorist attacks in both Afghanistan and Pakistan,…

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July 29, 2010


Pentagon sees Pakistan shift

WASHINGTON: Pakistan has shifted 100,000 of its troops from its Indian frontier to spearhead an unprecedented crackdown on militants along the Afghan border, but the offensives are unlikely to have an immediate impact on the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said. In a report to Congress released on Wednesday, the Pentagon estimated that about…

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April 29, 2010


Pentagon taking closer look at Afghan intel unit

WASHINGTON: U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates ordered a closer look at a military outfit accused of using contractors to help track down militants in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said on Tuesday. The Pentagon has already launched a criminal investigation into a Defense Department employee, who, instead of providing U.S. commanders details on Afghanistan's social and tribal…

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April 27, 2010


2 Pentagon security officers shot at metro

WASHINGTON: Two Pentagon security officers were wounded on Thursday evening when a gunman shot at them in the giant office building's main entrance to the Metro commuter rail system, Pentagon officials said. The gunman was also shot and all three were taken to hospital, the officials said in a statement. The security officers' wounds did…

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March 5, 2010


Pentagon chief warns of Taliban 'safe havens'

ISLAMABAD: US Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned on Thursday that Taliban safe havens along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border must be tackled or both nations would suffer “more lethal and more brazen” attacks. The Pentagon chief said he would ask Pakistan about plans to broaden a military operation against Islamist insurgents, but the army made it clear…

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January 21, 2010


Iraq's March vote won't affect U.S. drawdown-Pentagon

BAGHDAD: Delayed national elections in Iraq will not interfere with U.S. plans to sharply reduce troop levels by late next summer, the Pentagon said on Thursday as Defence Secretary Robert Gates made a visit to Iraq. U.S. President Barack Obama has pledged to end combat operations in Iraq by Aug. 31, 2010, ahead of a…

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December 10, 2009


America monitoring Pakistan: Pentagon

Staff Report WASHINGTON: America has said that it is keeping a close eye on Pakistan's situation and incidents of terrorism, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told journalists in Washington. He said he could not share any details on the attacks that took place in Pakistan in the last two weeks, but mentioned that the Pentagon is…

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October 18, 2009


Pentagon ups military aid to Pakistan

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon is ramping up delivery of military equipment long sought by the Pakistani army to fight militants, U.S. officials said. Some $200 million worth of equipment and services already in the pipeline for Pakistan has started to arrive but officials declined to provide full details, saying many of the more sophisticated items were…

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October 17, 2009


Pentagon chief says 'tough' to meet Guantanamo deadline

WASHINGTON: U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates acknowledged in an interview broadcast on Sunday that it would be difficult to meet the Obama administration's Jan. 22 deadline for closing the Guantanamo detention camp. Asked directly whether that deadline would be met, Gates told ABC's “This Week” program, “It's going to be tough.” Recent reports have suggested…

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September 27, 2009


Bagram inmates can challenge detention: Pentagon

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon is to give some 600 prisoners held in the US air base in Bagram, Afghanistan, the right to challenge their detention, Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman said Monday. “It's basically a review procedure that ensures people go in front of a panel periodically to give them the opportunity to contest their detention,”…

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September 14, 2009


No mini-Pentagon in Pakistan, nor will it be allowed: FM

Staff Report ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that there are no plans to construct a “mini-Pentagon” in Pakistan nor would something like that be allowed. He was responding to statements made by political leaders over the expansion of the US embassy that has been in the spotlight this week. He was…

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September 9, 2009


US wants ‘mini Pentagon’ in Islamabad: Fazl

By Tariq Zia ISLAMABAD: The amir of Jamiat Ulema-e Islam, Maulana Fazl-ur Rehman, has said that the US wants to establish a “mini Pentagon” in Islamabad. Talking to the media after visiting injured minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi in hospital Saturday, the rightwing cleric condemned the expansion of the US embassy in Pakistan’s capital city. “America…

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September 5, 2009


Pentagon profiling Afghan embed journalists: report

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon has hired a private firm to investigate reporters seeking to embed with US troops in Afghanistan in order to find out how best to influence their coverage, a report said Wednesday. Stars and Stripes, a military newspaper partly funded by the Pentagon but editorially independent, said private contractors had been brought in…

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August 27, 2009


Pentagon to create 20,000 jobs to manage arms buys

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama's Defense Department plans to create 20,000 new government jobs to help revise how it buys more than $100 billion of weapons each year, the Pentagon's No. 2 official told Congress. The Pentagon also plans to tie contract fees more closely to performance and make deals spanning two years, or more, only…

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May 7, 2009


Pentagon seeks $3b for Pak military

By Ibrahim Sajid Malick NEW YORK: At the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Wednesday Republican Senator Susan Collins asked the question that has been on every American's mind, “How will we know if we're winning?” And, to everyone’s frustration there were no clear answers. Interestingly enough this event is on the Senatorial calendar as the…

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April 2, 2009


No reconciliation with Mullah Omar: Pentagon

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon would not support a reconciliation effort with Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader who sheltered Al-Qaeda and was ousted from power in a US-led campaign in 2001, a spokesman said Wednesday. Geoff Morrell, the Pentagon press secretary, said such an initiative would ultimately be up to the Afghan government but he did not…

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March 12, 2009


Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are secure: Pentagon

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon has expressed confidence in the security of Pakistani and Indian nuclear weapons in the wake of renewed regional tensions since Mumbai terrorist incident. “We see no reason at this point to have any concern with regards to the security of either country’s arsenal. So I think that’s sort of where we are…

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December 11, 2008

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