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Is Kangana finally friends with Karan Johar?

NEWS DESK: The cold war between ‘movie mafia’ and the ‘flag bearer of nepotism’ in Bollywood, Karan Johar, and the ‘queen’, Kangana Ranaut, seems to have come to an end after a year-long battle of words, reported The Indian Express. The duo posed together on the stage of Star Plus’ new talent hunt show India’s…

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Alia Bhatt doesn’t want to feel apologetic about the privilege she was born with

NEWS DESK: Nepotism in the Indian film industry does not only exist but is so rampant and considered normal that those who have built empires for their families (e.g. Rishi Kapoor) due to the very privilege they were born with refuse to even acknowledge it. According to Pinkvilla, Karan Johar recently hosted a prestigious film festival…

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Ranveer Singh is my favourite actor: Ranbir Kapoor

NEWS DESK: Actor Ranbir Kapoor was recently at a prestigious Film Festival in Mumbai where he spoke about nepotism, his love for films, and much more with his fans, reported Misskyra. While speaking about nepotism, the actor stated, ”I’m a product of nepotism and I don’t shy away from it but I don’t take advantage…

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Here’s what Anil Kapoor has to say about nepotism in the industry

NEWS DESK: Nepotism has become the talk of the town in 2017. Every other actor has an opinion about it and those who don’t, are asked to choose sides on the trending topic. While some actors defend the concept, there are plenty more who deny its existence. Another such actor who was recently asked to speak…

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Karan Johar invites trouble again via uncalled for tweet against Kangana

NEWS DESK: In yet another snarky jibe at Queen star Kangana Ranaut, filmmaker Karan Johar invited the wrath of Twitterati by stooping further and tweeting against her. Karan’s relationship with Kangana has remained frosty ever since the actress called him the ‘flag-bearer of nepotism’ on his popular talk show Koffee with Karan. Johar hit back…

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When men face rejection they do get bitter about it: Kangana Ranaut

NEWS DESK: When men face rejection they do get bitter about it, said Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut, reported Misskyra. While it is often said that ‘the lone wolf dies but the pack survives’, Kangana Ranaut has in the truest sense managed to prove the phrase wrong. The lone wolf of Bollywood, Kangana has successfully managed…

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Kangana Ranaut’s open letter to Saif Ali Khan

Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut has penned an open letter to fellow actor Saif Ali Khan, sharing her perspective on nepotism. She says if Saif’s views on genetic inheritance were right, then she would have been a farmer back at home. Here is what Kangana wrote in her letter: All the debate and exchange of thoughts…

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I personally apologised to Kangana, everybody needs to back off now: Saif Ali Khan

NEWS DESK: In an open letter published on Friday, Saif Ali Khan, in response to the backlash he faced after ‘jokingly’ taking a dig at Kangana Ranaut at the IIFA Awards, wrote that he had ‘apologised’ to the Queen star, and he doesn’t ‘owe anybody else an explanation’, reported Hindustan Times. “The issue is over,”…

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Saif Ali Khan refuses to apologise over ‘nepotism rocks’ remarks, decides to educate us about what nepotism is

NEWS DESK: While Karan Johar and Varun Dhawan have apologized over the ‘nepotism rocks’ remarks after social media backlash, Saif Ali Khan defended the comments and decided to educate us ignorant masses about the definition of nepotism. In an interview with an international magazine, when asked about his atrocious statement, Saif attempted to rationalise his…

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Karan Johar admits he was ungraceful and that Kangana is self-made

NEWS DESK: Sense finally prevails as filmmaker Karan Johar decided to acknowledge that his ‘joke’ aimed at Kangana Ranaut was not graceful and that the young actor is self-made and talented. Speaking to NDTV in New York about his comments on nepotism made at the IIFA Awards, Karan expressed regret over the ‘joke’ he made…

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Twitterati put Karan Johar et al back in their skin for belittling Kangana in her absence

By Minerwa Tahir To be born with privilege is one thing. To actually go on to humiliate others and refuse to acknowledge your privilege is a different thing altogether. Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan pretty much ganged up against Kangana Ranaut to do exactly that. In the name of humour, the three…

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Unaffected by nepotism debate, Kangana Ranaut slams ‘privileged Bollywood kids’ who complain

Kangana Ranaut in her most recent interview said that the nepotism debate did not affect her at all. Taking a dig at Karan Johar’s blog, she said that it was more of a brainwash than being objective. In the same interview, the actress also slammed the privileged Bollywood kids for not respecting the guidance they…

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Karan Johar makes a come back at Kangana’s “nepotism” remark

Kangana Ranaut seems to have triggered Karan Johar the wrong way with her ‘nepotism’ remark on his show Koffee with Karan some time back. Kangana accused Karan of being “the flag-bearer of nepotism” on his show and he certainly gave it back to her, in flair, when he was asked for his opinion on the same topic during…

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Top Chinese politician's ouster tied to nepotism

BEIJING: One of China's highest-profile politicians interfered in an investigation involving a family member before he was fired last week, according to a leaked transcript that has escalated what already was the country's biggest political scandal in years.Bo Xilai's removal as Communist Party boss of Chongqing city appears to have brought a screeching stop to…

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