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Information technology expert breaks down just how bad NADRA data breach was

Punjab’s IT board had access to NADRA records. The board set up mobile phone apps and gave them access to the records. Hackers got hold of this data and made quite some money out of it. This is not the first time that NADRA’s data has been compromised. According to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, American…

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“I’m the son of district chairman of Balochistan, do whatever you want”

Naya Din host Ali Arif tweeted a video of a fight he had with two college students in Karachi. The video shows one of the students in college uniform abusing Arif. Arif can be heard telling the students that they were coming the wrong way. The one who was initially abusing then tells Arif that…

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SHOCKING: Divorce cases on the rise in Karachi–here’s why…

KARACHI: Divorce cases are on the rise in the city, with records revealing as many as 15,000 khula cases registered during the current year. According to experts, divorce cases have been rising in Karachi as well as other cities such as Lahore due to social media. “Nowadays young boys and girls befriend each other on…

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Man who readied own last resting place

Zahid Butt, a resident of Islamabad, has readied his tomb—last resting place—where he will be laid to rest after he dies. Know more in Farah Rabbani’s video report.

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Careem Aur Uber Ka Peak Factor | Naya Din |‬ SAMAA TV | Best Clips

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Video: Naya Din on upward slope

Samaa’s new morning show, Naya Din began attracting wider audiences with attractive segments, interesting scripting and crispy conversation by the trio of hosts. Watch more in this video report.

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SAMAA TV launches “Naya Din”

SAMAA TV launched a news show named “Naya Din”. It will be a morning show which will also bring you the latest news and happenings from across the world.

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