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The dying art of Alghoza-making

A musical instrument which has existed for hundreds of years

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June 13, 2019


Company behind Tiktok plans to launch paid music service

It will be cheaper than Spotify and Apple

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May 22, 2019


Here is the Cricket World Cup 2019’s official song

Stand By is performed by LORYN and Rudimental

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May 18, 2019


German harmoniums for the best Pakistani music

Watch how the instruments are built

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April 2, 2019


Farmer last one to keep Sindh’s Alghoza flute alive

The Alghoza is an instrument which has existed for hundreds of years. Pioneers of the Alghoza player in the subcontinent include Ustad Khamisu Khan, Ustad Misri Khan Jamali, Akbar Khamisu Khan and Gurmeet Bawa

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March 18, 2019


Afghanistan’s all-women orchestra strikes the right chord

They performed in the UK on Friday

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March 17, 2019


Gujrat man shoots his friend dead for playing music too loudly

He and another man have been arrested

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March 15, 2019


Watch: These children may be small but they sing like pros

Their voices have mesmerised the whole country

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February 21, 2019


T-Series drops Pakistani singers’ songs from its YouTube channel after Pulwama attack

A political party had called on all music labels to stop working with Pakistani artists

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February 17, 2019


Fight erupts between concert-goers and security officials during Abrarul Haq’s concert in Multan

Some people were trying to enter the venue without a ticket

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February 11, 2019


#LahoreEat: Foodies have their day out as festival enters its second day

Tomorrow is the last day of the food festival

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February 9, 2019


Karachi festival promises food, music and fun

It will be held from Feb 15 to 17 at Beach View Park

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February 1, 2019


Gatekeeper at Japan’s ‘Suicide Forest’ hopes music can save lives

He believes music is a way to reach people engulfed in inner turmoil

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December 21, 2018


YouTube is making its top music charts available as playlists

They will be available as playlists to users in 29 markets

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December 14, 2018


Junoon preps for their December concert with Bulleya jamming session

The band released a music video in August

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November 22, 2018


Overload frontman Farhad Humayun diagnosed with brain tumour

He was diagnosed two weeks ago

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November 2, 2018


YouTube driving global consumption of music

86% of us listen to music through on-demand streaming

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October 9, 2018


Period pianos evoke sounds of Chopin at new contest

Thirty pianists are taking part in the competition in Poland

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September 11, 2018


This Peshawar rabab music shop doesn’t like making a noise

It is shaped like the peacock with its slender neck, pegs and belly. But the rabab sounds nothing like the bird. Depending on the player, it can sound like the pain of centuries or the ecstasy of coming home.

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September 9, 2018


Eminem makes UK chart history with ‘Kamikaze’

Eminem surprised fans last week when he unexpectedly dropped the album, which saw combined chart sales of 55,000 units in the past week, the Official Charts company said.

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September 8, 2018