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One year of viral video: ‘BBC Dad’ finds it funny

SEOUL: The Korea politics professor who became a viral sensation after his children interrupted a BBC interview says he has been pulled over by police for selfies and photographed buying milk in the year since the broadcast. Robert Kelly of Pusan National University was commenting on the downfall of impeached president Park Geun-hye when his…

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New media in Pakistan—Maasi Media

Following mass media and social media, new Maasi Media (Maids Media) is hotly pursued for latest updates on every topic under the sky. Know more about this media.

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Tweets too short? Twitter mulling 10,000 characters: report

WASHINGTON: Twitter’s 140 character limit on tweets has long frustrated and challenged its most verbose users. Now the company could offer a solution, according to tech news website re/code: the 10,000 character tweet, which could be available as soon as March. Re/code reported Tuesday that Twitter has been studying how to allow users to say…

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