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Municipal staff protest against Karachi police

Karachi’s police earned the ire of municipality workers after they began arresting DMC staff instead of people who litter Sindh had banned people from dumping household, industrial, commercial and hospital waste in open spaces. It gave SHOs the power to arrest anyone caught doing this. Except the police are not actually cracking down on the…

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Police arrest youngsters over carrying out aerial firing

KARACHI: Karachi Police arrested two youngsters over carrying out aerial firing. According to details, the law enforcement agencies apprehended two youngsters as they were carrying out aerial firing at Main Malir Road. A case has been filed against the suspects at Malir Cantt Police Station. It is being said that the arrested men were inspired…

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Police fail to recover two missing girls

KARACHI: Police have not managed to recover two girls who mysteriously disappeared from Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Jauahar area, Samaa reported. According to details, the two girls – identified as 13-year-old Batool and 12-year-old Sanya – had disappeared 11 days ago. It is pertinent to mention that Batool is the daughter of of the landlord while Sanya is…

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Shahrah-e-Faisal firing incident: Adnan Pasha appears before court

KARACHI: Adnan Pasha, the suspect in the Shahrah-e-Faisal firing incident, appeared before the city court on Wednesday for proceedings pertaining to the case.  Police brought in the suspect who is accused of firing shots at Karachi’s busy Shahrah-e-Faisal road and issuing challenges to police and Rangers personnel. Police claimed that Pasha had been arrested following…

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Shahrah-e-Faisal firing incident: Police finally nab Adnan Pasha

KARACHI: Police finally arrested Adnan Pasha on Monday–the youngster who had resorted to aerial firing at Karachi’s busy Shahrah-e-Faisal road a couple of days ago.  Adnan Pasha was taken into custody by Karachi police from District East. He was arrested after a case was registered against him by Zeeshan Saeed. Adnan Pasha’s video went viral…

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Karachi police blamed for another ‘extrajudicial killing’

KARACHI: Another case of alleged extrajudicial killing has come to fore in Karachi where a youth was found murdered. His family blames police for the ‘custodial killing’. According to our correspondent, the victim was identified as Moosa, whose body was found near Superhighway with torture signs. His family members said the young man was a…

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Eyewitnesses identify three police officers in Naqeebullah murder case

KARACHI: The Naqeebullah murder case progressed on Wednesday as three police officers allegedly involved in the fake encounter were identified by eyewitnesses in court.  Proceedings of the Naqeebullah murder case took place in Malir court where police lined up the suspects in an identity parade. Eyewitnesses identified three suspects out of six which also included…

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Three members of Rao Anwar’s team arrested in Naqeeb murder case

KARACHI: The first arrest in the Naqeebullah murder case was made on Wednesday when three police officers who were part of SSP Rao Anwar’s team, were taken into custody. According to details, the most important member of Rao Anwar’s team, ASI Akbar Mallah was arrested by police for the murder of Naqeebullah. Two other police…

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Rogue cop videotaped torturing three boys in Karachi

Police department in general needs reformation as yet another video surfaced regarding inhuman torture in Karachi area of Ferozabad. The video shows an out-of-control cop, DSP Yaqub Jutt, torturing the boys with fists with no one around to stop the hooliganism. Know more in video report by Fayyaz Younus.

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Police round up MQM-London female workers

KARACHI: Female workers of MQM-London were rounded up by police and taken into custody after they attempted to make it to the ‘Yadgar-e-Shuhuda’ monument despite authorities’ instructions not to do so. According to details, female workers of MQM-London who had arrived to pay their respects to the dead were arrested by police and transported to…

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Karachi: 6-year-old kidnapped in broad daylight

KARACHI: Police on Wednesday confirmed the kidnapping of a six-year-old child from a posh area of the metropolis. According to details, six-year-old Abaan, son of Ghufran, was kidnapped near Khayaban-e-Roomi intersection in Defence. The child was reportedly a student of Haque Academy and the kidnapping took place as the mother and child were on their…

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Cops do not know their own officers

Though personnel of Sindh police are unaware of thieves and dacoits, they even have no knowledge of their own officers. Know more in Shah Nawaz Ali Qadri’s report.

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Black sheep in Karachi police patronizing drug traffickers

Black sheep in Karachi police continue to patronize drug traffickers in the mega city as the raided drug dens have re-opened 24 hours after the crackdown. Sources say the raid was merely meant to double the protection money which is paid weekly. Know more in this video report.

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Shocking response from Karachi Police will baffle you

This happens only in Karachi where police excused themselves from arresting a thief who citizens had arrested as they said they do not have staff and vehicle for the purpose. People in Akhtar Colony grabbed a thief red-handed and recovered a stolen motorbike from his possession. They telephoned the nearby police station to arrest the…

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Wrong-going stubborn cops beat citizen in Karachi

Personnel of Karachi police tortured a citizen who was driving his car and was stopped by the police van that was coming from the wrong side of the road. On the occasion, the citizen started making video. This step sparked the anger of the policemen. Personnel reprimanded him to stop videotaping the incident; however, the…

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Police suspect Karachi knife attacker may not be operating alone

KARACHI: Police may have reason to suspect that the Karachi knife attacker may not be alone but be working with two or three other persons to spread terror in the city.  The notorious knife attacker has caught Karachi police and citizens off guard with his sly and nefarious designs. Now police have reason to believe…

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Karachi police become super cops

Karachi police aborted the robbery bid by dacoits in Karachi area of Ferozabad. In exchange of gunfire, three robbers were gunned down. More in Bilal Naseer’s video report.

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Cop’s out of control son given protocol at police station

A DSP’s son opened fire and wounded two people when he was forbidden from parking his car in Karachi area of Gulistan-e-Jauhar Tuesday night. Though he was impounded at the police station, the ‘kind fellows’ gave him complete protocol. And, media was stopped from covering the incident. Know more in this video  report.

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Ghulam Qadir Thebo appointed new Karachi police chief

KARACHI: Sindh government on Monday replaced Ghulam Qadir Thebo as the new Karachi police chief with Mushtaq Maher as well as transferring five Grade 21 officers.  According to details, Ghulam Qadir Thebo was appointed by the Sindh government as Karachi’s Additional Inspector-General. As per the notification issued, Aftab Pathan has been given charge of the…

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What happened in 21 days of June in Karachi?

The last 21 days were specially very heavy on the citizens of Karachi which remained rife with street crimes. The citizens faced a series of muggings and robberies in every part of the mega city. Know from Shahbaz Khan as to what happen in Karachi during the last 21 days.

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Karachi police arrest minor children

KARACHI: Karachi police could not nail the street criminals; however, they arrested a number of children despite the complainant says the kids are not involved in the crime. The arrested children are 11-year Ijlal and 12-year Muhsin. Ijlal is student of class fourth and Muhsin is studying in class fifth. Karachi’s Ferozabad police threw the…

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