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#DeleteIsrael trends ahead of Al-Quds Day

KARACHI: The trend #DeleteIsrael has been one of the top trends on social media website Twitter ahead of Al-Quds Day, which will be observed on Friday (tomorrow). Users of social media Twitter are using the trend to express their anger and condemn the Israeli occupation of Palestine and Bait-ul-Muqaddas. Select Israel + Shift + Delete#DeleteIsrael…

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Award-winning authors criticize Israeli occupation

JERUSALEM: By using famous authors, including the winners of three Pulitzers and a Nobel, they were aiming to “sort of trick” people “into paying attention to the occupation by baiting the trap, in a way, with the work of a really amazing writer”. Proceeds from the book will go to Breaking the Silence, an NGO…

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Play inspired by Mideast peace talks wins in New York

NEW YORK: A play inspired by the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and Norwegian husband and wife diplomats behind the 1993 Oslo Accords was crowned best play on New York’s Broadway Sunday at the Tony Awards. The homegrown play, “Oslo,” written by US playwright J.T. Rogers was inspired by the back-channel talks, unlikely friendships and quiet heroics…

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EU warns Israel against settlement units in occupied West Bank

BRUSSELS: The European Union has warned Israel about its plan for setting up new settlement units in the West Bank. In a statement, the EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini said Israel’s continued policy of settlement expansion is illegal under international law and further complicates the prospects for viable two-state solution. She reiterated support for…

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Palestinian violinist brings music to young refugees

JERUSALEM: As a boy, Ramzi Aburedwan found himself caught up in the first Palestinian uprising, a well-known photo at the time showing him holding stones to throw at Israeli soldiers. He has since become a respected musician and composer, who gives back to children from Palestinian refugee camps, like himself. Today, he provides musical training…

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Startling revelation by Wonder Woman actress will certainly impress you

LOS ANGELES: Wonder Woman is certainly garnering praise from around the world for its stellar direction by Patty Jenkins and acting by Gal Gadot. The Israeli actress recently made a startling revelations which will no doubt impress you beyond measure.  According to Gal Gadot, she was five months pregnant during the shoot of Wonder Woman….

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Lebanese ministry bans ‘Wonder Woman’ film over Israeli actress

BEIRUT: Lebanon’s Interior Ministry banned the new “Wonder Woman” film from cinemas on Wednesday because an Israeli actress plays the lead role, a ministry source and a security official said. Lebanon considers Israel an enemy country and the Ministry of Economy and Trade oversees a boycott of any business transactions concerning Israel. The movie was…

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Another embarrassing moment for Donald Trump

ROME, ITALY: It was another embarrassing moment for United States President Donald Trump as First Lady Melania Trump refused to shake his hand upon their arrival in Italy, Samaa reported. As the duo got off their aircraft, Trump tried to hold his wife’s hand but she pulled away with quick reflexes. He then went on…

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Video: Donald Trump offers his hand to wife who slaps it away

TEL AVIV: A video went viral on Monday in which President Donald Trump can be seen offering his hand to his wife Melania Trump who slapped it away.  As President Donald Trump and his wife Melania were walking across the red carpet laid out for them at the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, the…

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Iran driving Israel, Arab states closer: Trump

JERUSALEM: US President Donald Trump said on Monday that shared concern about Iran was driving Israel and many Arab states closer and demanded that Tehran immediately cease military and financial backing of “terrorists and militias”.

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VIDEO: Sara Netanyahu tells Melania Trump media hates us

Israel President Netanyahu and his wife Sara greeted their American counterpart Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump as they arrived in Israel on Monday. Netanyahu’s wife told US President Donald Trump she talks every place about Melania how great she is. “How great you are,” she then tells Melania Trump. “I can testify…

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Iran must never be allowed to have nuclear weapons: Trump

US President Donald Trump said on Monday during a visit to Occupied Jerusalem that Iran must never be allowed to have nuclear weapons while also denouncing Tehran’s support for “terrorists”. “Most importantly the United States and Israel can declare with one voice that Iran must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon – never…

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Trump takes perilous first steps on world stage

WASHINGTON: From Riyadh to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Rome, Brussels and Sicily, Donald Trump left a swirl of domestic woes behind Friday as he embarked on a first foreign trip that will be closely watched in capitals the world over.

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Palestinian film festival opens in Gaza

GAZA: The Gaza Strip’s film festival opened on Friday with artists and audience walking along a red carpet laid on a floor built from the rubble of homes destroyed in wars with Israel.

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Trump announces first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel

WASHINGTON: U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he will travel to Saudi Arabia and Israel this month as part of his first foreign trip, wading directly into the tangled diplomacy of Middle Eastern politics. Trump said he would also visit the Vatican along with his swing through the Middle East, which was added to…

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Netanyahu slams ‘absurd’ UN vote on Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday slammed an “absurd” UNESCO resolution he said denies the Jews’ historical connection with Jerusalem by presenting Israel as an occupying power there. The resolution, passed Tuesday at the UN organisation’s Paris headquarters, denounced actions taken by “Israel, the occupying power… to alter the character and status of the…

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Israeli strikes raise stakes in face-off with Hezbollah

JERUSALEM/BEIRUT: Two Israeli air strikes against Hezbollah targets in Syria in recent weeks seem to mark a more openly assertive stance toward the group after years of shadow boxing, requiring careful calibration to avoid escalation into a war that neither wants. For most of the six-year-long conflict in Syria, Israel has stuck determinedly to the…

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Hamas accepts Palestinian state with 1967 borders, eases stance on Israel

Doha, Qatar: Palestinian Islamist movement, Hamas, unveiled a new policy document Monday, easing its stance on Israel. The move comes ahead of a first face-to-face meeting on Wednesday between US President Donald Trump and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, whose Fatah party remains deeply divided from Hamas. The document was unveiled in the Qatari capital Doha…

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Israel targets Syria positions after Golan mortar fire

JERUSALEM: Israel’s army said Friday it had targeted positions inside Syria in retaliation for mortar fire that hit the northern part of the Golan Heights.

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India inks weapons deal worth nearly $2 bln with Israel

NEW DELHI: India will buy nearly $2 billion worth of weapons technology from Israel. The deal will see state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries provide India with an advanced defence system of medium-range surface-to-air missiles, launchers and communications technology, the company said in a statement Thursday. The Israeli firm will also supply a naval defence system including…

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UN vote on Israeli settlements has changed little

Three months after a landmark UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements, the measure has changed little on the ground and some analysts question whether it ever will. Security Council Resolution 2334, passed in December, did little to halt settlement building, with a raft of new projects announced by Israeli officials in the weeks that followed. At…

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