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Saudi-led coalition warns of ‘painful’ response over Yemen drones

RIYADH: A Saudi-led coalition battling Yemen’s Huthi rebels warned them Monday of a “painful” response if they mounted new attacks on Saudi Arabia using what it said were Iran-supplied drones. Riyadh said last week it had shot down two drones in the south of the kingdom as well as intercepting ballistic missiles fired from rebel-held…

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Iran supplied ballistic missile to Yemen rebels: US

WASHINGTON: US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley presented what she called “undeniable” evidence Thursday that a ballistic missile fired by Huthi rebels in Yemen at Saudi Arabia last month was Iranian-made, a charge Tehran immediately denied. Haley accused Tehran of a “blatant violation” of UN Security Council obligations designed to rein in its…

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Saudis intercept ballistic missile fired from Yemen: state media

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia on Thursday intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile fired from war-torn Yemen, state media reported, in the second such attack this month claimed by Iran-backed Huthi rebels. The missile targeted the southern Saudi city of Khamis Mushait, but no casualties were reported, said a spokesman for the Saudi-led military coalition fighting the…

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Yemen Huthis claim ballistic missile hits Saudi target

DUBAI: Yemen’s Iran-backed Huthi rebels said Thursday they fired a ballistic missile at Saudi Arabia and hit a military target, in the second such attack this month, after threatening to retaliate over a crippling blockade. “We confirm the success of our ballistic missile trial, which hit its military target inside Saudi Arabia,” the Huthi-run Al-Masira…

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Civilians wounded in Saudi-led strikes on Yemen capital: witnesses

SANAA: Air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition left at least three civilians wounded in Yemen’s rebel-held capital Sanaa late Friday, witnesses said. The strikes hit a residential area near the ministry of defence building, which had been targeted just before. “I was sitting at home and heard the first strike hit the ministry of defence….

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Saudi-led strikes hit defence ministry in Yemen capital

SANAA: The Saudi-led coalition carried out two air strikes on the defence ministry in Yemen’s rebel-held capital Sanaa late Friday, witnesses and rebel media said, without reporting casualties. Warplanes continued to circle in the skies above Sanaa after the strikes, the witnesses added. The Huthi rebel media outlet Al-Masirah also reported the two air strikes….

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US urges action after Saudi accuses Iran over missile attack

RIYADH: The United States called Tuesday for international action to hold Iran to account after Saudi Arabia accused Tehran of “direct military aggression” over a Yemeni rebel missile attack near Riyadh. The Iran-backed Huthi rebels also threatened to attack ports and airports in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, escalating a crisis between Riyadh…

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Saudi crown prince accuses Iran of ‘direct aggression’

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown prince accused Iran on Tuesday of “direct military aggression” through Yemen’s Huthi rebels, ratcheting up regional tensions as the kingdom reels from a sweeping royal purge. Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia and predominantly Shiite Iran have been trading fierce accusations over their involvement in the conflict in Yemen, in which they back opposing…

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More than 140 killed in air strikes on Yemen funeral: UN

UNITED NATIONS: More than 140 people were killed and more than 525 injured on Saturday when air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition hit a funeral ceremony in Yemen, a United Nations official said.

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Yemen ceasefire takes hold, raising hopes for talks

MARIB: A UN-brokered ceasefire was taking hold in Yemen on Monday despite sporadic clashes, raising hopes that peace talks due next week may finally resolve the country’s devastating conflict. Forces loyal to President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, the Shiite Huthi rebels who drove his government out of the capital, and the Saudi-led coalition that intervened in…

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Saudi intercepts Scud from Yemen

RIYADH: Saudi Arabian air defences on Monday intercepted a Scud missile fired at Khamis Mushait city where a major airbase is located, the coalition fighting in Yemen said. The interception occurred “this morning at about three o’clock,” Brigadier General Ahmed al-Assiri, spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition, told AFP. “They are still targeting the cities,” he…

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UN envoy warns Yemen peace plan fragile

UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations special envoy for the conflict in Yemen warned UN ambassadors that a fledgling peace process was hanging by a thread. At the weekend Yemen’s Saudi-backed government and Iran-backed Huthi rebel’s wound up peace talks in Switzerland without a breakthrough. On the ground ceasefire violations are continuing even as UN humanitarian…

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Yemen shell kills one in Saudi border zone

RIYADH: A shell fired over the border from Yemen into Saudi Arabia has killed a Yemeni expatriate, Saudi state media reported. The artillery fire hit the border province of Najran on Saturday evening, the official SPA news agency said. More than 70 people have been killed in border shelling and skirmishes since Saudi Arabia and…

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Loyalists retake Yemen's biggest airbase

ADEN: Advancing loyalist forces recaptured Yemen's biggest airbase from Huthi rebels on Tuesday after a 24-hour assault using heavy armour supplied by a Saudi-led coalition, the defence ministry said. A ministry statement hailed the victory and pledged that loyalist forces would press their fightback against the rebels and their allies until the authority of exiled…

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Yemen: 28 dead in IS attack on Huthi rebels

SANAA: The Islamic State group claimed an attack on two Huthi rebel leaders in Sanaa on Monday night that medics said had killed at least 28 people, including eight women. The car bomb attack targeted Huthi rebel chief brothers Faycal and Hamid Jayache during a gathering to mourn the death of a family member, a…

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