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Hepatitis outbreak in Bhakkar affects 850 in one month

Report by Farhan Paracha BHAKKAR DISTRICT: Around 850 cases of hepatitis were reported from Bhakkar in one month as the infectious disease becomes widespread in the district.  The shocking figures became public knowledge after a Hepatitis Treatment and Prevention Clinic opened at Bhakkar DHQ Hospital where as many as 840 patients checked into the clinic…

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Serious diseases likely to spread after rain

In-charge director of  Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) Doctor Seemi Jamali said that gastroenteritis and hepatitis are likely to spread after thunderstorm in Karachi. Watch video

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Man gets hepatitis from energy drinks

Doctors have warned of the dangers of drinking too many energy drinks, after a middle-aged man who consumed five bottles a day developed acute hepatitis. Experts issued the warning after their patient, a 50-year-old male, was admitted to hospital with severe liver damage. According to the Daily Mail, the man, who has not been named…

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Punjab to establish Hepatitis control forum

LAHORE: Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab on Health Khawaja Salman Rafique has said that an independent forum for the control of hepatitis on the pattern of dengue would be set up comprising officers of all departments concerned. He said that a vigorous campaign against hepatitis among people was essential for which Pakistan Kidney & Liver…

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Pakistan observing World Hepatitis Day today

KARACHI: Pakistan with an estimated population of 13 million hepatitis sufferers, many of whom are unaware that they are carriers of the deadly virus, is observing World Hepatitis Day 2015 with focus on prevention of the viral disease. This is in accordance to the announcement by WHO and World Hepatitis Alliance that the campaign theme…

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WHO adds hepatitis C drugs to essential list

LONDON: The World Health Organization has added new curative treatments for hepatitis C to its essential medicines list, but the U.N. agency said prices needed to fall to make them accessible to patients in poorer countries. The treatment of hepatitis C, which affects about 150 million people globally and kills around half a million each…

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Hepatitis on rampage in Larkana

Tariq Channa reports from Larkana where heaps of filth spawned the epidemic of hepatitis in the city.

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Oklahoma warns 7,000 dental patients of HIV, hepatitis risk

OKLAHOMA CITY: Health officials are notifying some 7,000 people to warn they may have been exposed to HIV and other infectious diseases at an Oklahoma dental practice where improper sterilization procedures and rusty surgical tools were discovered, authorities said.The investigation was launched after a patient of Dr. Wayne Scott Harrington of Tulsa was diagnosed with…

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Even moderate drinking may be risky with hepatitis C

NEW YORK: For people with the chronic liver infection hepatitis C, heavy drinking is an obvious no-no. But a U.S. study linked even moderate alcohol consumption with an increased risk of death – and not just from liver disease.The findings, published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, support what liver specialists typically recommend – that people…

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Abbott hepatitis C drugs bring high cure rates in trial

NEW YORK: A trio of oral medicines from Abbott Laboratories Inc to treat hepatitis C produced unprecedented cure rates in patients who had failed to benefit from standard treatment, as well as very high cure rates for newly treated patients, Abbott said on Saturday.Detailed data from the mid-stage trial, called Aviator, were released Saturday at…

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Hepatitis B vaccine protects for 25 years: study

TAIPEI: Vaccination against hepatitis B seems to protect against the virus for 25 years, suggesting that booster shots are unnecessary, according to a study from Taiwan that covered several thousand people.Taiwan began compulsory hepatitis B virus immunization for all infants in 1984, in response to extremely high rates of infection, and the study – which…

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Hepatitis in Pakistan

The ratio of patients of hepatitis is increasing in Pakistan rapidly. Kifayat Ali Shah from Karachi shares the information on the disease.

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Hepatitis program Nowshehro Feroz

Corruption reported in Sindh Chief Minister’s Hepatitis program in Nowshehro Feroz.

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Hepatitis disease in Karachi’s policemen

Meraj Akhtar sheds light on the mounting Hepatitis disease in policemen in Karachi.

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Hepatitis in Nasirabad

Ayub Khoso sheds light on causes of the spread of Hepatitis in Nasirabad.

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Hepatitis patients

Patients of Hepatitis increase day by day in Hyderabad due to consumption of unhygienic water and food. Aashiq Hussain Shah reports.

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Hepatitis – SAMAA VIDEO

Hasan Nasir from Islamabad reports on hepatitis in the country. (November 06, 2010)

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Sindh Hepatitis program to last 5 years

Staff Report KARACHI: Sindh Health Secretary Hashim Raza Zaidi said on Wednesday that Hepatitis program duration has been increased from three years to five years in the province. On World Hepatitis Day the health department of the province organized a walk for creation of public awareness and the health secretary said while talking to media…

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'Hepatitis spreading in Pakistan'

Staff Report KARACHI: The number of hepatitis patients is increasing in the country. The international day is being observed throughout the world including Pakistan. Dr Amina Subhan Butt told SAMAA on Wednesday that used syringes, razor blades and transfusion of blood without screening are the major causes of the disease spread. SAMAA

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World Hepatitis Day today – SAMAA VIDEO

Staff Report KARACHI: The World Hepatitis Day is being observed today (May 19) throughout the world including in Pakistan. Mohammad Ali from Lahore highlights the kinds of the disease and how it spreads among the common people in Pakistan. SAMAA

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Hepatitis deaths hit Punjab

By Asim Tanveer MULTAN: Sixteen people have died of Hepatitis B and C complications in the last 24 hours in several Punjab towns, health department sources revealed to SAMAA Saturday. The victims were in Vehari, Burrewala, Gagumandi, Khanewal, Kabirwala and Mian Channu. The highest number of deaths, seven, was recorded in Vehari. Forty-two people have…

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