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Kashmir’s living ‘saint’ who heals people’s eyes

Saja Begum has been offering ‘eye-care services’ from the veranda of her single-storey house in Beerwah, a postcard pretty town in Budgam

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March 2, 2019


The Unholy Holy Men

By: Gulrukh Tausif For the past few weeks, a guru from across the border has been making headlines for getting a 20 year prison sentence for crimes against his female followers. One has to applaud the judiciary that gave the infamous “guru of bling” Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh such a lengthy sentence as his followers…

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September 21, 2017


‘Spiritual exorcist healer’ beats three children to death in Myanmar

TWANTE: Three infant children have been beaten to death in a Myanmar village outside Yangon by a man purporting to be a spiritual healer, who told their families they were possessed by evil spirits.The mystic allegedly punched and kicked two toddlers and an eight-month-old baby to death during exorcism rituals on Tuesday and Wednesday nights,…

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October 22, 2016


Fake faith healer kills man

Fake Aamil (faith/spiritual healers) are free to play with lives of people. In a recent such incident in Karachi, a 30-year-old man, who was ‘possessed by an evil spirit’, lost his life when the healer ‘treated’ him with smoke. Murder case has registered against the accused.

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May 6, 2014