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Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram accounts hacked

Hackers post ad from the company’s official accounts

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February 8, 2020


Never share your bank account details on SMS: State Bank

Hackers may gain access to the information

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April 12, 2019


The most popular weather app on iOS may have been illegally accessing your data

The Weather Channel app is being sued for misleading users

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January 6, 2019


This Twitter security flaw allows hackers to post tweets via text messaging

Twitter still allows you to tweet via SMS

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December 30, 2018


US charges two Chinese men for state-sponsored hacking of NASA

Beijing lashed out at the claims, accusing the US of fabricating facts

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December 22, 2018


Dell says hackers may have stolen customer information

The possibly compromised information includes customer names, email addresses and passwords

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November 30, 2018


How to check if your Facebook account was hacked

Was yours one of the 30 million accounts were hacked recently?

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October 13, 2018


A bug in WhatsApp allowed hackers to hijack your account when you made video calls

Google security researcher Natalie Silvanovich found the flaw in late August

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October 11, 2018


Facebook says no sign recent hack spread to other apps

Up to 50mn accounts were breached by hackers Friday

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October 3, 2018


Facebook, Instagram accounts being sold for $3.9 on the dark web

These are the same accounts that were affected by the recent Facebook data breach

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October 2, 2018


One billion iPhones vulnerable to hacking, data theft

Apple fails to fix security bug despite being alerted by Pakistani expert more than 3 months ago

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September 11, 2018


US to charge N Korean over WannaCry, Sony cyber attacks

WannaCry ransomware attack affected thousands of businesses across the globe through a computer virus that encrypted files on affected systems

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September 7, 2018


British Airways hacked with details of 380,000 bank cards stolen

The almost two week long hack did not involve travel or passport details, the airline said, adding that it had launched an urgent investigation into the theft of customer data

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September 7, 2018


Canadian who helped Yahoo email hackers gets five years in prison

A Canadian accused of helping Russian intelligence agents break into email accounts as part of a massive 2014 data breach at Yahoo was sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday and ordered to pay a $250,000 fine. Karim Baratov, who pleaded guilty in November 2017 in San Francisco, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge…

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May 30, 2018


US disrupts Russian botnet of 500,000 hacked routers

The US Justice Department said Wednesday that it had seized an internet domain that directed a dangerous botnet of a half-million infected home and office network routers, controlled by hackers believed tied to Russian intelligence. The move was aimed at breaking up an operation deeply embedded in small and medium-sized computer networks that could allow…

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May 24, 2018


Amnesty investigation uncovers hacking campaign targeting activists in Pakistan

Amnesty International conducted a four-month investigation, which revealed that activists in Pakistan are under threat from a targeted campaign of digital attacks. The attacks came in the form of social media accounts getting hacked and computers and mobile phones infected with spyware. On Tuesday, Amnesty released its report, Human Rights under Surveillance: Digital Threats against…

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May 15, 2018


Cyber-attacks: Pakistani websites might get hacked ahead of elections

Abbas Shabbir All the websites of Pakistan, including those of the government and media groups, might get hacked ahead of the general elections. According to a handout sent by a government body to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Russia and Israel might launch cyber-attacks against Pakistan to influence general elections. Important voter information might get stolen ahead…

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April 26, 2018


Top music videos including ‘Despacito’ defaced by hackers

New York: Some of the most popular music videos on YouTube including mega-hit “Despacito” momentarily disappeared Tuesday in an apparent hacking. Fans looking for videos by top artists including Drake, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift found the footage removed and replaced by messages that included “Free Palestine.” Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” — the most-watched video of…

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April 10, 2018


Tips to secure your WhatsApp account from being hacked

NEW YORK: You will hardly find anyone who owns a smartphone and does not use WhatsApp. In today’s age, when family members and colleagues share almost everything from pictures to documents with each other over WhatsApp, it becomes imperative to have an additional layer of security to protect all that information. There are quite a…

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February 15, 2018


Biggest cryptocurrency theft ever

TOKYO: A Japanese exchange has lost 58 billion yen ($530 million) in cryptocurrency because of hacking, according to Japanese media reports. The hack and the loss of the currency is one of the biggest losses of assets since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. The Coincheck exchange said on its website Friday that it had…

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January 27, 2018


Hackers already targeting Pyeongchang Olympics: researchers

Hackers have already begun targeting the Pyeongchang Olympic Games with malware-infected emails which may be aimed at stealing passwords or financial information, researchers said Saturday. The security firm McAfee said in a report that several organizations associated with the Olympics had received the malicious email with the primary target being groups affiliated with ice hockey….

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January 7, 2018

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