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Google Maps lets you play ‘Snake’ on the app for April Fools’ Day

The game will be available for a week

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April 1, 2019


Google Maps is letting some users create public events

The feature has not been released for everyone yet

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March 25, 2019


Google Maps is rolling out AR navigation for some users

Local Guides will be able to access it first

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February 11, 2019


Google Maps update now allows hashtags in reviews

The new feature is only available for Android right now

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November 28, 2018


Google paid £4,000 to settle a discrimination lawsuit in the UK

A worker says the company didn’t do enough to protect him from racial profiling

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November 26, 2018


Google looking to future after 20 years of search

Google was set to mark its 20th anniversary with an event in San Francisco

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September 24, 2018


Google Maps lets you play Pac-Man

WASHINGTON: Google's mapping service rolled out a gamefied version inspired by the classic Pac-Man, turning the real streets of a city into a labyrinth to gobble up pellets and ghosts. A Google spokeswoman said the game was an early April Fool's joke. It allows users to play the game featuring the popular character created in…

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April 1, 2015