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Heatwave: Emergency imposed in public hospitals across Karachi

KARACHI: In a bid to deal with the harmful consequences of the impending heatwave, public hospitals across the city have imposed an emergency to brace for the rising temperature, on Tuesday. As per the Met Office, Karachi will most likely be hit with a heatwave very soon. Hence, public hospitals across the city have imposed…

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Pakistan joins world community observing Earth Hour today

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan joins the world community today in observing Earth Hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.         It is aimed at creating awareness for energy conservation, climate change and global warming. People around the world will demonstrate their concern about future of the planet by turning out their lights for one hour. A ceremony will be…

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Chief Justice takes notice of Municipal lawlessness in Bani Gala

ISLAMABAD: The Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has taken notice of Municipal lawlessness in Bani Gala, Islamabad.

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2016 ‘very likely’ hottest year on record: UN

GENEVA: The year 2016 will “very likely” be the hottest on record, the UN said Monday, warning of calamitous consequences if the march of global warming cannot be halted. Average temperatures for the year were set to hit about 1.2 Celsius (2.16 degrees Fahrenheit) over pre-Industrial Revolution levels — meaning that 16 of the 17…

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How the process of globalization affected the media of our country

Pakistan, a country which has its own share of rise and falls since the age of independence is still at the verge of  redeeming itself . The  country is still putting up efforts to push its economy to a new level via various facets of globalization. Indeed the nation aspires to touch staggering heights inspite…

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Historical move: Nearly 200 nations agree to phase-out super greenhouse gases

KIGALI, RWANDA: Nearly 200 nations hammered out a legally binding deal to cut back on greenhouse gases used in refrigerators and air conditioners, a Rwandan minister announced to loud cheers on Saturday, in a major step against climate change. The deal, which includes the world’s two biggest economies, the United States and China, divides countries…

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More than 82,000 flee California wildfire

LOS ANGELES: A rapidly spreading fire raging east of Los Angeles forced the evacuation of more than 82,000 people Tuesday as the governor of California declared a state of emergency. Despite the efforts of 1,250 firefighters with more on the way, none of the inferno was contained as of late Tuesday, state firefighting agency Cal…

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Global heat, sea level hit record highs in 2015

MIAMI: Global heat, greenhouse gases and sea levels all climbed to record highs last year, making 2015 the worst in modern times across a range of key environmental indicators, international scientists said Tuesday. A dire picture of the Earth’s health is painted in the State of the Climate report, a peer-reviewed 300-page tome that comes…

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Pakistan to brace series of heatwaves

With mercury already exceeding 40 degrees centigrade (104 Fahrenheit) in the plains of Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab, Pakistan is bracing for a series of severe heat waves over the next two months.   According to experts, this is going to be the second consecutive hottest year in the South Asian region after last year during…

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Over 120 nations to sign climate deal in April: France

PARIS: More than 120 countries have said they are ready to sign the UN’s accord to fight global warming, French ecology minister Segolene Royal said. Royal said the strength of support meant the climate deal clinched in Paris last year would likely be ratified in New York on April 22. Almost 200 governments reached an…

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Sea level rising at fastest pace in 2,800 years: study

MIAMI: The world’s oceans are rising at a faster rate than any time in the past 2,800 years, and might even have fallen without the influence of human-driven climate change, researchers say. Sea levels rose globally by about 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) from 1900 to 2000, said the study led by Rutgers University, published in…

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KP to grow 1bn trees to counter global warming: Imran

PESHAWAR: Imran Khan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Sunday announced that his government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would plant 1 billion trees by 2018 to counter global warming. “Pakistan is one of the top 10 countries worst affected by global warming…we are the first government that is working for climate,” Imran said while speaking at Peshawar’s Islamia…

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Melting glaciers blamed for subtle slowing of Earth’s rotation

WASHINGTON: The melting of glaciers caused by the world’s rising temperatures appears to be causing a slight slowing of the Earth’s rotation in another illustration of the far-reaching impact of global climate change, scientists said on Friday. The driving force behind the modest but discernible changes in the Earth’s rotation measured by satellites and astronomical…

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Euphoria as landmark Paris climate deal adopted

LE BOURGET: Cheering envoys from 195 nations on Saturday approved a historic accord in Paris to stop global warming, offering hope that humanity can avert catastrophic climate change and usher in an energy revolution. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius ended nearly a fortnight of gruelling UN negotiations on the outskirts of Paris with the bang…

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Megacities including Karachi may slip under sea

PARIS: Large swathes of Shanghai, Mumbai, New York, Karachi and other coastal metropolises will slip under the waves even if an upcoming climate summit limits global warming to two degrees Celsius, scientists reported Sunday. A 2 C (3.6 Fahrenheit) spike in Earth’s temperature would submerge land currently occupied by 280 million people, while an increase…

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Sea level rise will swallow Miami, New Orleans: study

MIAMI: Say goodbye to Miami and New Orleans. No matter what we do to curb global warming, these and other beloved US cities will sink below rising seas, according to a study Monday. But making extreme carbon cuts and moving to renewable energy could save millions of people living in iconic coastal areas of the United…

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World to grow warmer by 2.7 Celsius soon

PARIS: Earth is on track for average warming of 2.7 degrees Celsius by 2100, higher than the UN target, said an analysis Thursday of country pledges for curbing climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions. While exceeding the UN goal of limiting overall warming to 2 Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) over pre-Industrial Revolution levels, the number was an…

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