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German woman falls off a cliff in Sri Lanka while trying to take a selfie

The 35-year-old woman was taking pictures when she fell off a 4,000ft cliff

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Smallest Waist In The World?

BERLIN: Time would not pass if Michele Koebke’s body were an hourglass; the German woman’s waistline has been cinched to a circumference of only 16 inches. And although her waist is currently the same circumference as a mayonnaise jar, she still has plans to go slimmer. Koebke, 24, has been wearing a corset every day…

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German woman to write book on Arfa Karim’s life

German lady Jessica Augustin, who is inspired and mesmerized by Arfa Karim, would write a book on the life of Pakistani student and computer prodigy who in 2014 at the age of nine became Microsoft Certified Professional. Watch this report.

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German lady revolutionizes Punjab village

A German woman is working selflessly for the uplift of a village life in Punjab. Watch this report about the hard work that she put in to turn this place into a beautiful model village. Saman Iqbal reports from Lahore.

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