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Karma: Charity, generosity, pity

By Ehtesham Anwar The first ever English proverb recited to me was to serve humanity, which really motivated an emerging brain being shaped to respond the society, giving an eternal strength to help others with positivity in the future. People and countries are annually categorized by their generosity shown to others despite their financial and…

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Taylor Swift buys homeless pregnant woman a house

NEWS DESK: Taylor Swift just bought a pregnant fan a house after discovering she was homeless for eight months of her pregnancy, reported The Independent. The fan, known as Stephanie, received the news as a surprise backstage after Swift’s performance in Manchester. While she was hesitant to share the news, Stephanie finally did so on…

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Money can buy you happiness – if you spend it on others

NEWS DESK: Can money buy you happiness? According to a growing body of evidence, it seems that it can. But what makes us really happy is not buying ourselves the latest iPhone, but splashing our cash on other people, reported The Guardian. In a study published last week looking at the link between generosity and…

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