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Good News: Chocolate festival begins in Karachi

It was a delicious opportunity for the chocolate crazy people of Karachi who had it to their fill. International chef stunned every bon vivant. Belgian Chocolate Festival kick-started at a private hotel in Karachi where everything food item was made up of chocolate. Know more in Najia Niazi’s report.

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Paratha takes over a new leaf

By Saman Siddiqui According to a legend once Emperor Jahangir called upon his cook Adil hafiz Usman, and asked him to come up with a new kind of paratha, since he got bored of eating the same simple paratha with mince (qeema) every day. One the ninth day the cook came up with a new…

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Karachi’s biggest food fest kicks off

KARACHI: Wait is over for Karachi’s food lovers as the city’s biggest food fest has kicked off at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park today (Friday), SAMAA reported. The three-day Karachi Eat Food Festival 2018 ends on Sunday. The festival offers scores of varieties of sumptuous food by some of the best brands the country has to…

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Video: Bipasha Basu is thrilled over mom-made food on her birthday!

NEWS DESK: Bollywood star Bipasha Basu looks like one happy child on her birthday. After all, her mom sent her home-made food and she just can’t contain the excitement! She shared her video on Instagram, captioned: “So this is what happens on my birthday… it’s a Rice Festival🙈Waiting for rice for one full year ……

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Video: Food festival in Islamabad leaves taste buds tantalized

A food festival is underway in Islamabad and the people attending the events are having their taste buds tantalized by the delicious dishes. Watch the report here.

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Here are six foods that will leave you hungrier

NEWS DESK: Many of us take to mindlessly grazing throughout the day, munching our way through chocolates, mince pies and cheese. But despite this constant eating, we’re often still regularly hungry. How can it be? Well, it could be down to the foods we’re eating – certain foods can actually leave you hungrier than before, reported…

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Tunisian women making money with culinary skills

MENZEL MHIRI: These Tunisian women have some sauce, pooling their resources and a seasoned culinary expertise handed down the centuries from mother to daughter. Their secret? Harissa — the spicy hot pepper paste used to add zing to dishes traditionally prepared in North Africa’s Maghreb region. These days, when Najoua Dhiflaoui prepares harissa, it is…

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McDonald’s ‘refuses to serve woman because she’s wearing a hijab’

NEWS DESK: A Muslim woman in North London has claimed she was refused service in a McDonald’s restaurant because she was wearing a hijab, reported The Independent. The 19-year-old student said she was stopped in a McDonald’s on Seven Sister’s road in Holloway, North London. McDonalds has apologised and said the security guard responsible had…

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No food scarcity in Pakistan: minister

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Food Security Sikandar Hayat Khan Saturday Bosan said  the country was not facing food scarcity and surplus stock was available to meet the need of people. Talking to Radio Pakistan, Bosan said two million extra cotton bales were produced this year as compare to last year. The Minister said Pakistan was facing…

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Video: Tantalize your taste buds with this burger

Devour this delicious burger in Peshawar with the side of french-fries in Peshawar at a very nominal cost.

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Video: Peshawar’s desi burger is healthy

Burger is liked by nearly everyone. But, the exorbitant prices make it unreachable for the impoverished. However, there is a desi burger available in Peshawar which is reachable by all and sundry with its low price without compromising the quality for health-conscious people. Watch Fatima Nazish’s report on the delicacy.

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Here’s why you should NEVER store eggs in the fridge door

NEWS DESK: When it comes to matters of the yolk, the fridge vs. cupboard debate is a contention as old as time. While one person will tell you that eggs stay fresher for longer when kept in the fridge, another will defiantly keep them in a dry goods cupboard, probably because that’s what their grandmother…

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Here are six food items rich in Vitamin D

NEWS DESK: Vitamin D plays a very important role in the human body and it is obtained from sun exposure and food. It is also called ‘sunshine vitamin’ as it helps in keeping the bone and teeth healthy. Vitamin D deficiency causes serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and cancer. The…

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Will we end up forgetting how to cook?

NEWS DESK: Wandering among the engineers, strategy directors and managers of something called “connected customer experience” at the Smart Kitchen Summit, one had to wonder: do any of these people actually cook? The conference, now in its third year, brings together people on the front lines of technology to figure out how to move the…

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How a businessman struck a deal with Islamic State to help Assad feed Syrians

RAQQA/DUBAI: While Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was accusing the West of turning a blind eye to Islamic State smuggling, a member of his parliament was quietly doing business with the group, farmers and administrators in the militants’ former stronghold said, reported Reuters. The arrangement helped the Syrian government to feed areas still under its control…

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When ‘healthy eating’ ends up making you sick

PARIS: People, it seems, have never been so afraid of their food -– and, say some experts, an obsession with healthy eating may paradoxically be endangering lives. Twenty-nine-year-old Frenchwoman Sabrina Debusquat recounts how, over 18 months, she became a vegetarian, then a vegan — eschewing eggs, dairy products and even honey -– before becoming a…

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In Puerto Rico, acute shortages plunge the masses into survival struggle

FAJARDO, Puerto Rico: Brian Jimenez had burned through dwindling supplies of scarce gasoline on a 45-minute drive in search of somewhere to fill his grandmother’s blood thinner prescription. He ended up in Fajardo, a scruffy town of strip malls on Puerto Rico’s northeastern tip, where a line of 400 waited outside a Walmart. The store…

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Study finds high-fat diet linked to lung cancer risk

ISLAMABAD: People who eat a lot of saturated fat the “bad” kind of fat that’s abundant in foods like butter and beef are more likely to develop lung cancer than individuals on low-fat diets, a recent study suggested. Compared to adults who didn’t get a lot of fat in their diets, people who ate the…

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Watch: Food arrangements for voters of Islampura

NEWS DESK: A huge quantity of food items including biryani have been ordered by both PML-N and PTI for voters of Islampura. Watch here:

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Watch: A variety of food to attract voters in NA-120

NEWS DESK: Huge quantities of food items, savory and sweet, have been ordered by both PML-N and PTI in Lahore to attract voters to cast their ballots in Lahore. Watch here:

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Video: Doctor’s advice on eating healthy this Eid-ul-Azha

Eid-ul-Azha brings with it lots of consumption of meat and subsequently, plenty of diseases. Here’ the doctor tells us about how to cook the meat perfectly in order to avoid health hazards and to keep regulating the cholesterol level in the human body.   

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