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Flu: This young mother died one day after falling sick

Alani Murrieta NEWS DESK: A young mother from Phoenix, Arizona has tragically passed away just one day after contracting the flu, reported The Independent. Alani Murrieta was 20-years-old and had no pre-existing health conditions when she started feeling unwell. She was rushed to hospital after she began encountering breathing difficulties and was subsequently diagnosed with…

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Here are some flu symptoms you need to look for

NEWS DESK: There’s a big difference between cold and flu – one is a winter annoyance, the other can floor you for days, reported The Independent. While a cold slowly builds over a few days, symptoms of the flu typically come on suddenly and you’ll start to feel ill within a few days of becoming…

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Vitamin D can protect against colds, flu: study claims

PARIS: Taking extra vitamin D can protect against colds, flu and other respiratory infections, said a study Thursday which reopened a debate on the usefulness of over-the-counter supplements. A review of 25 clinical trials in 14 countries, some with conflicting results, yielded “the first definitive evidence” of a link between vitamin D and flu prevention,…

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Precautionary measures to avoid cold

RAWALPINDI: The medical practitioner in Benazir Bhutto Hospital Dr Aslam Chaudhry has advised to stay warm in order to avoid cold, flu, skin cracks and joint pains among other respiratory ailments. A few precautionary measures can make you stay away from hospitals that have already started receiving a large number of patients of respiratory problems,”…

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Busy time for clinics, hospitals

Change in weather conditions becomes an occasion for people to increasingly fall a prey to routine ailments including flu, cough and fever. Watch more in video report by Nazahat Khan.

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Steyn recovering from flu ahead of India tie

MELBOURNE: South Africa's premier fast bowler Dale Steyn missed training on Wednesday due to flu, but is expected to be fit for the World Cup match against India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. “He has a bout of sinusitis but will be back at training tomorrow,” the team's media manager Lerato Malekutu told AFP. Even…

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Dutch to cull 8,000 ducks in anti bird flu drive

AMSTERDAM: Dutch health authorities on Saturday were destroying 8,000 ducks to prevent the possible spread of bird flu, which has infected three farms in a week in the Netherlands, a leading poultry and egg exporter. A government statement said ducks were being culled in the central town of Barneveld as a precaution because authorities want…

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?Bird flu breaks out on a British farm

LONDON: Britain on Sunday reported an outbreak of bird flu at a duck breeding farm in northern England but said that the risk to public health was “very low”. A restriction zone has been set up around the farm and culling has begun, said a spokeswoman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs….

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China bird flu analysis finds more virus threats lurking

LONDON: A deadly new bird flu virus in China evolved from migratory birds via waterfowl to poultry and into people, and there are other bird flu viruses circulating that could follow the same path, scientists have found. The study – an analysis of the evolutionary history of the H7N9 bird flu that has so far…

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Scientists confirm new H7N9 bird flu has come from chickens

LONDON: Chinese scientists have confirmed for the first time that a new strain of bird flu that has killed 23 people in China has been transmitted to humans from chickens.In a study published online in the Lancet medical journal, the scientists echoed previous statements from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Chinese officials that there…

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WHO says new bird strain is “one of most lethal” flu viruses

BEIJING: A new strain of bird flu that has killed 22 people in China is “one of the most lethal” of its kind and is more easily transmissible to humans than an earlier strain that has killed hundreds around the world since 2003, a top World Health Organization (WHO) official said on Wednesday.The H7N9 virus…

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WHO data on bird flu raises new questions about human transmission

BEIJING: More than 50 percent of patients infected with a new type of bird flu in China had no contact with poultry, the World Health Organization said on Friday, further raising questions about whether the virus was transmitted between humans. The H7N9 virus has so far infected 87 people in China and killed 17, but…

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China warns of bird flu spread as death toll rises to 16

BEIJING: Two more people in China have died from a new strain of avian influenza, bringing to 16 the number of deaths from the H7N9 virus, and the government has warned that the number of infections could rise.The latest victims were from the commercial capital of Shanghai, where the majority of the 77 cases have…

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China says new bird flu cases found in central China

BEIJING: Two people in the central Chinese province of Henan have been infected by a new strain of avian influenza, the first cases found in the region and bringing the total number nationwide to 51, Xinhua state news agency said on Sunday.One of the victims, a 34-year old man in the city of Kaifeng, is…

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New technology speeding progress on bird flu vaccine

CHICAGO: Even as U.S. officials this week awaited the arrival of a sample of the new bird flu virus from China – typically the first step in making a flu vaccine – government-backed researchers had already begun testing a “seed” strain of the virus made from the genetic code posted on the Internet.This new, faster…

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China bird flu toll reaches nine

SHANGHAI: The death toll in China from a new strain of bird flu rose to nine on Tuesday, said state media, who also quoted Chinese authorities saying a vaccine should be ready within months.The latest victim was from Anhui province, the official Xinhua news service reported.The H7N9 strain, which was confirmed in humans for the…

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China's bird flu outbreak not cause for panic: WHO

BEIJING: A strain of bird flu that has been found in humans for the first time in eastern China is not a cause for panic, the World Health Organization said on Monday, as the number of people infected rose to 21, with six deaths.The WHO praised China for mobilising resources nationwide to combat the H7N9…

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China confident it can control bird flu outbreak

BEIJING: China can control the outbreak of an avian flu strain newly contracted by humans, a senior Chinese health official said on Sunday, a day after China reported its eighteenth case of the H7N9 virus that has so far killed six people.China has said it is mobilising resources nationwide to combat the new strain of…

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China bird flu virus found in more markets in Shanghai

SHANGHAI: Chinese authorities have found traces of a new bird flu virus that has killed six people in more areas in Shanghai, state media reported, after authorities slaughtered over 20,000 birds at a large poultry market in the city.State-run Xinhua news agency said samples of the H7N9 virus were found at two markets selling agricultural…

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US says following new bird flu closely, preparing vaccine

CHICAGO: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said it was monitoring a new strain of bird flu and has started work on a vaccine just in case it is needed.So far, the strain known as avian influenza A (H7N9) has only been found in China and does not appear to be…

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Two die in China from uncommon bird flu virus

SHANGHAI: Two people in Shanghai, one of China's largest cities, died this month after contracting a strain of avian influenza that had never been passed to humans before, the official Xinhua News Agency reported on Sunday.The two men, aged 87 and 27, became sick late February and died in early March. Another woman in nearby…

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