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Mahira tweets Tahira Abdullah’s clip on feminism

It’s as basic as that, she said about Abdullah’s explanation

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January 22, 2020


Guess what Meray Paas Tum Ho, we’re born with rights

Tahira Abdullah schools Khalil ur Rehman on feminism

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January 20, 2020


Feminism — the new F word

Why should a woman’s success threaten anyone?

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March 8, 2019


This Women’s Day let’s strive for tolerance and inclusive feminism

Social media has given women a platform to speak up

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March 7, 2019


Thousands rally against sexist violence across Europe in ‘feminist tidal wave’

Demonstrations across France drew around 50,000 people

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November 25, 2018


Five of Imran Khan’s most controversial positions

Pakistan election winner Imran Khan has not shied away from firebrand rhetoric during his 22 years in politics. AFP picks five of his most controversial positions: – On feminism – Pakistan’s former cricket captain is viewed as something of a liberal in the West, particularly in Britain where the press remember his high-flying lifestyle and…

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July 27, 2018


Saudi Arabia frees leading women’s rights activist: Amnesty

Saudi Arabia has released veteran women’s rights activist Aisha al-Manea following her arrest last week with several other activists in a crackdown just weeks before a ban on women driving is set to end, Amnesty International said on Thursday. The rights group has reported the detention of at least 11 activists, mostly women who previously…

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May 24, 2018


Women taking over male-dominated media in Africa

A new generation of 30-somethings with brilliant careers, feminist convictions and, above all, confidence, are spearheading an assault on African media, using social networks as a launchpad. “I do not understand what ‘no’ means,” Peace Hyde, one of the most high-profile members of this club, said in an interview with AFP on the sidelines of…

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May 10, 2018


Malala lauds feminism as Trump lands in Davos

Davos, Switzerland: Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai on Thursday urged women to “change the world” without waiting for the help of men, as she addressed an audience of the global, and mostly male, elite at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The 20-year-old global education campaigner spoke not long before the arrival in Davos of…

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January 25, 2018


‘Feminism’ is US dictionary ‘Word of the Year’

NEW YORK: In the year that Donald Trump’s inauguration triggered nationwide women’s protests and powerful men were toppled by a firestorm of sexual misconduct allegations, the leading US dictionary named “feminism” its word of 2017. Merriam-Webster bestows the “Word of the Year” honor on the word or term with the sharpest spike in look-ups over…

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December 13, 2017


Hrithik Roshan tweets in favor of (his own definition of) feminism

NEWS DESK: On Human Rights Day, Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan took to Twitter to define feminism and express his support for (his own definition) of the ideology. Here’s what he wrote: Feminism is inclusive.It includes men by way of not demanding but commanding equality.Its about recognition of an individuals worth regardless of gender. based on…

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December 11, 2017


This Muslim man saved a woman from gang rape in Florence

NEWS DESK: A flower seller reportedly rescued a woman from being gang raped by 25 men, reported The Independent. Gaia Guarnotta was walking through Florence when she was approached by a group of “drunk boys” at 11.30pm near Piazza della Republica, she wrote in a Facebook post. The 25-year-old said the men began by joking…

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October 23, 2017


Priyanka Chopra speaks on feminism

LOS ANGELES: Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra spoke on the issue of feminism in her interview to an entertainment magazine. Priyanka Chopra – in her interview to Variety magazine, said, “I see so many girlfriends of mine who are like, ‘No I’m not that much of a feminist.’ I don’t even understand that. The need for…

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October 11, 2017


Mexico’s largest university hosts feminism conference without a single female panelist

NEWS DESK: This week, Mexico’s biggest university began advertising a conference on feminism. There would be two panels, exploring big issues such as law and economics. The organisers had thought of everything, right down to the cheerful pink fliers used to alert students. They’d thought of everything, it seems, except including a woman. The fact…

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October 6, 2017


Dating app Tinder now has an anti-harassment feature for women

NEWS DESK: Tinder has announced the launch of a new feature intended to help women combat the male “douchebags” regularly encountered on the dating app, reported The Independent. Tinder Reactions is part of the company’s “Menprovement” project, presumably in response to the rise of more feminist dating apps such as Bumble. Designed by women who…

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October 6, 2017


8 one-liners from Kangana Ranaut that every girl will relate to

NEWS DESK: Kangana Ranaut is not just the lead of Queen. She is THE QUEEN and a role model for all women when it comes to speaking one’s mind and demanding what’s our right. Here is a list of eight one-liner quotes from the brave Queen star: 1. Perhaps the only expectation is that you…

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September 13, 2017


Jodie Whittaker becomes first woman to play Doctor Who’s 13th Time Lord

NEWS DESK: Jodie Whittaker has been announced as Doctor Who’s 13th Time Lord – the first woman to be given the role, reported BBC. The new Doctor’s identity was revealed in a trailer broadcast at the end of the Wimbledon men’s singles final. The Broadchurch star succeeds Peter Capaldi, who took over the role in…

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July 17, 2017


Award-winning journalist Kathy Gannon advice for Pakistani women: ‘Organise’

“My one piece of advice [for Pakistani women] is to organise yourself. You have much more strength in numbers than you do as individuals.” Award-winning journalist Kathy Gannon, who is a senior correspondent for the Associated Press for Pakistan and Afghanistan, said this during a short film produced by an intern of the United Nations…

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June 21, 2017


Pakistan radio show confronts ‘endemic’ ogling of women

ISLAMABAD: For many women in Pakistan, the simple act of leaving the house can be uncomfortable, even intimidating — the probing gaze of the opposite gender is never far away. Fed-up with the constant unwanted attention, broadcaster Anila Ansari decided to bring the touchy subjects of harassment to the airwaves, by launching an “anti-ogling campaign”…

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October 27, 2016


One Step Forward, One Step Backwards

    By: Zara Maqbool  At the risk of offending many, I am going to dare and call on all the pseudo feminists out there who are all about women empowerment and criticizing our patriarchal society. While they are raising their voice against misogyny, updating their face book statuses with powerful messages and raising placards…

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July 27, 2016


President Obama: ‘This is What a Feminist Looks Like’

During the first-ever United State of Women Summit organized by The White House, President Barack Obama gave a powerful speech on the importance of women’s equality around the world. POTUS began his speech with a nod to the remarkable women in the room, including the First Lady, joking “I know you’re really here to see…

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June 15, 2016

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