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Dengue outbreak causes 69 deaths in KPK: WHO

ISLAMABAD: Dengue outbreak in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has claimed 69 lives so far, according to a report by World Health Organization. Pakistan, which is endemic to dengue since 1994, has faced a number of repeated outbreaks in different provinces; however, the virus peaked during July to November this year, private news channel reported. “This year an…

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Flu: This young mother died one day after falling sick

Alani Murrieta NEWS DESK: A young mother from Phoenix, Arizona has tragically passed away just one day after contracting the flu, reported The Independent. Alani Murrieta was 20-years-old and had no pre-existing health conditions when she started feeling unwell. She was rushed to hospital after she began encountering breathing difficulties and was subsequently diagnosed with…

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Second polio case in three months confirmed in Karachi

ISLAMABAD: Karachi witnessed its second case of polio within a span of three months, the latest victim being a five-month-old infant who has been diagnosed with the crippling disease. Five-month-old boy Zaibullah, son of Ghulam Sakhi, a resident of UC-4 Gadap Town, had been administered with anti-polio drops during a past campaign. However, his routine…

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Habit of quick eating may land you in big trouble

ISLAMABAD: The speed at which you eat could determine whether you’re at a risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. According to a preliminary research, slow eaters are less likely to develop metabolic syndrome – a cluster of conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and abnormal cholesetrol levels, that can multiply a person’s risk…

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Punjab govt makes fresh guidelines for doctors

Punjab government took notice of deteriorating conditions of healthcare in the province and issued new guideposts for the doctors. Doctors will have to give at least five minutes to each patients, according to the new directives. Know more in the video report.

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Diabetes Day being observed today

Caution and precaution is the foremost strategy when it comes to fighting any disease especially diabetes—a disease which doctors call Silent Killer. Know more about the disease in Pakistan.

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High blood pressure is redefined as 130, not 140: US guidelines

LOS ANGELES: High blood pressure was redefined Monday by the American Heart Association, which said the disease should be treated sooner, when it reaches 130/80, not the previous limit of 140/90. “High blood pressure is now defined as readings of 130 mm Hg and higher for the systolic blood pressure measurement, or readings of 80…

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Here are some flu symptoms you need to look for

NEWS DESK: There’s a big difference between cold and flu – one is a winter annoyance, the other can floor you for days, reported The Independent. While a cold slowly builds over a few days, symptoms of the flu typically come on suddenly and you’ll start to feel ill within a few days of becoming…

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Gene editing breakthrough could destroy thousands of most deadly diseases

NEWS DESK: A new gene editing breakthrough allows scientists to easily snip out problems in genetic code, potentially removing thousands of deadly inherited diseases, reported The Independent. The new technique could allow doctors to make changes to people’s DNA and alter the molecular machines that help create us – and bring about problems in the…

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Patients need rest, not antibiotics: health officials

NEWS DESK: More patients should be told to go home and rest rather than be given antibiotics, according to health officials, reported BBC. Public Health England (PHE) says up to a fifth of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary as many illnesses get better on their own. Overusing the drugs is making infections harder to treat by…

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Cancer drugs grown in chicken eggs may lower their cost

NEWS DESK: Researchers in Japan may have found a way to produce cheaper drugs that could be used to treat a range of diseases from chicken eggs, reported CNN. They have successfully genetically modified hens to produce eggs containing large amounts of interferon beta protein, a protein used to treat various illnesses, including multiple sclerosis…

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Disease outbreak pose danger to Rohingya refugees, UNICEF warns

UNITED NATIONS :New latrines will be constructed in the Rohingya camps and settlements of Bangladesh’s Coxs Bazar district to provide sanitation coverage to some 250,000 people, averting a major disease outbreak, the United Nations Children™s Fund (UNICEF) reported Thursday. UNICEF and the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief of Bangladesh agreed that the Bangladesh Armed…

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Two more die of dengue, death toll rises to 52 in KP

PESHAWAR: Two more persons died here on Tuesday of dengue epidemic, raising the total death toll due to mosquito borne disease to 52 in Khyber Pakthunkhwa. According to Dengue Response Unit of Health Department, the deceased were identified as Mehar Taj, wife of Jumma Khan (65 years) resident of Sufaid Dehri Benazir Abad area and…

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Protect yourself from mosquito bites by using these simple tricks at home

NEWS DESK: Mosquito bites can be both irritating and dangerous. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), mosquitoes are known to cause at least 1 million deaths a year due to the diseases that they spread. With statistics like this, it becomes important that you keep mosquitoes out of your home. So, how do you…

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Treatment discovered for previously incurable prostate cancer

NEWS DESK: A targeted form of radiotherapy can cure prostate cancer in men whose disease was previously thought to be incurable, research suggests, reported The Independent. A pioneering study has found that using a specialised type of radiotherapy that is highly targeted can stop the disease in its tracks. Researchers from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)…

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Malaria warning as resistant strain spreads to Vietnam

BANGKOK: A form of malaria that is resistant to standard treatment has spread to Vietnam for the first time, researchers warned Friday. The strain was originally detected in Cambodia in 2007, and experts are calling for action before it reaches other areas such as India or Africa. “It spread like a wildfire to Vietnam,” professor…

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Not enough new antibiotics are being developed to combat lethal drug resistance, warns WHO

NEWS DESK: Not enough new antibiotics are being developed to combat the threat of deadly drug-resistant infections, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned, reported The Independent. The vast majority of the drugs being developed are modifications to existing kinds of antibiotics, which only provide short-term solutions, the health organisation said in a new report. Commenting on the…

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7 things no doctor tells you about blood tests

NEWS DESK: There are various types of blood tests – liver function test, iron tests, thyroid function tests, serology and many more. However, the most common tests which people undertake are the complete blood count, shortened as CBC, and basic metabolic panel, done to check your infections, heart problem, kidney problem and even cancer. We…

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Warning: Never gain weight–a herald of diseases including cancer

ISLAMABAD: The adult weight gain between ages 20 and 50 may raise their risk of developing cancer, heart disease and other major illnesses, according to a new study. Even those who only gained 10 pounds faced a higher risk of major chronic diseases and ageing poorly, Health news reported. “In the past, most focus has…

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Living closer to parks may benefit children with asthma

ISLAMABAD: Kids suffering from asthma may suffer less if they live closer to parks and green spaces, a study suggests. Researchers, including those from Johns Hopkins University in the US, noted that children had one extra day when they suffered with asthma symptoms for every 305 meters between their home and the park, Health News…

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Women dying from heart attack nearly halved in two decades: Study

ISLAMABAD: Study has recently found that the gender gap in death from heart attack has reduced to half over the past two decades particularly in younger women. According to Health News, findings suggested that in-hospital mortality of patients with an acute heart attack fell by at least half over the 20-year period. The differences in…

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