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New customisable insulin delivery system approved by FDA

It works with other diabetes devices

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December 15, 2019


Here’s how you can avoid diabetes

Balanced diet of carbs, protein, fruits and vegetables is key

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November 15, 2019


Healthcare costs 120pc more for households with diabetes

Over 19 million people have diabetes in Pakistan

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November 14, 2019


Drinking water from clay glasses can cure diabetes: herbalist

Cooking food in earthenware is more beneficial than you realize

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June 11, 2019


Ramazan tip: Don’t refrigerate Rooh Afza bottles

Sugar-free variation in the works

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May 6, 2019


There are actually 4 kinds of type 2 diabetes

Watch out for the miscarriage-diabetes connection, say experts

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November 14, 2018


Bitter truth: Over 7m people in Pakistan have diabetes

World Diabetes Day is being marked across the globe

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November 14, 2018


Air pollution plays significant role in diabetes: study

Air pollution caused one in seven new cases of diabetes in 2016, according to a US study, which found even low levels raised the chances of developing the chronic disease. Diabetes has primarily been associated with lifestyle factors like diet and a sedentary lifestyle, but research by the Washington University School of Medicine in St…

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June 30, 2018


Vegetable insulin? Karela juice is good for diabetes

It works as an anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and even an anti-bacterial—if you can stand juicing it. The humble karela, or bitter gourd, is kind of a wonder vegetable, researchers say, confirming what folk medicine has known. Turkish scientists just published a paper in the Journal of Traditional Medicine & Clinical Naturopathy on the benefits of raw…

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June 8, 2018


A ‘paradigm shift’ in the diagnosis of diabetes: study

NEWS DESK: Scientists on Friday unveiled a revised classification for diabetes, one they said could lead to better treatments and help doctors more accurately predict life-threatening complications from the disease, reported AFP. There are five distinct types of diabetes that can occur in adulthood, rather than the two currently recognised, they reported in The Lancet…

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March 2, 2018


Probiotic supplements cut cancer risk in babies

ISLAMABAD: A new study has found that breastfeeding babies who receive pro-biotic supplements for three weeks have better gut health, which protects the baby from diabetes and some cancers. According to a Health news, the study is the first to show that a combination of breast milk and a probiotic organism can lead to lasting…

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December 8, 2017


In US, 57 percent of kids on track for obesity by 35: study

MIAMI: More than 57 percent of children in the United States will be obese by age 35 if current trends in weight gain and poor eating habits continue, researchers warned Wednesday. The risk of obesity is high even among children whose present weight is normal, said the report in the New England Journal of Medicine….

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November 30, 2017


Diabetes, obesity behind 800,000 cancers worldwide: study

PARIS: Nearly six percent of new cancers diagnosed worldwide in 2012 — some 800,000 cases — were caused by diabetes and excess weight, according to a study published Tuesday. Among the 12 types of cancer examined, the percentage of cases chalked up to these factors was as high as a third, researchers reported in The…

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November 28, 2017


Diabetes Day being observed today

Caution and precaution is the foremost strategy when it comes to fighting any disease especially diabetes—a disease which doctors call Silent Killer. Know more about the disease in Pakistan.

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November 14, 2017


Two fizzy drinks in week might increase the risk of diabetes, heart diseases

ISLAMABAD: Just two cans of fizzy drinks are enough to increase the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, according to a new research. Sugary drinks, such as cola and lemonade, are known to lead to diabetes by causing a spike in blood sugar levels, according to the Mirror. High-levels of sugary beverages…

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November 5, 2017


Study finds high-fat diet linked to lung cancer risk

ISLAMABAD: People who eat a lot of saturated fat the “bad” kind of fat that’s abundant in foods like butter and beef are more likely to develop lung cancer than individuals on low-fat diets, a recent study suggested. Compared to adults who didn’t get a lot of fat in their diets, people who ate the…

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September 28, 2017


Eat six meals a day if you want to lose weight

NEWS DESK: When you want to lose weight, many of us are put off by the idea of starving ourselves, spending our days with rumbling stomachs and having to resist giving in to our hunger. But this needn’t actually be the case at all, reported The Independent. In fact, according to a new study, eating…

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September 18, 2017


Here’s why you need to stop drinking fizzy drinks

NEWS DESK: Consuming artificial sweeteners might raise the risk of developing type two diabetes, new research suggests, reported The Independent. The study was conducted by professors at the University of Adelaide in Australia and looked at whether ingesting significant amounts of artificial sweeteners would affect the body’s ability to control glucose levels in the blood….

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September 15, 2017


Obesity triggers explosion of the diabetes in Africa: report

PARIS: The costs of diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa could double to almost $60 billion annually just 13 years from now, as obesity fuels an explosion of the disease, a report said Thursday. In 2015, the overall diabetes cost in the region was nearly $20 billion (18 billion euros), or 1.2 percent of total economic production,…

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July 6, 2017


High-glucose beverages responsible for heart disease, diabetes: study

MELBOURNE: Higher levels of glucose in sweet carbonated beverages in Australia are responsible for high rates of heart disease and diabetes, a study published on Monday has found. The study, published by the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, found that some popular sweet drinks in Australia had 22 percent more glucose than those…

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June 5, 2017


Diabetic patients in Pakistan can double to 14 million in four years: Experts

ISLAMABAD: Health experts warned on Saturday diabetes has mushroomed very quickly and unless people overhaul their lifestyle and eating habits the number of diabetic patients in Pakistan could double from just over 7 million to well over 14 million in just four years. Professor Zaman Shiekh talking to a private news channel warned that if…

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March 25, 2017

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