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PAF fighter jet crashes near Jhang

JHANG: A fighter jet of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) crashed near Jhang on Tuesday; however, the pilot of the plane escaped unhurt. According to PAF spokesman, the pilot escaped unhurt before the aircraft hit the  ground in Jhang early this morning. According to spokesman, the crash caused no physical damage on the crash site as…

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Plane crash-lands in S.Sudan with 45 on board: officials

A passenger jet carrying 45 people crash-landed in South Sudan’s north-western city of Wau on Monday, leaving at least 14 people injured, government and airport officials said. “The weather is not good. Visibility was not good up to now and (the plane) was landing from the east to west then it just crashed (off) the…

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Pakistan seeks return of helicopter crash hostages from Afghan Taliban

ISLAMABAD/PESHAWAR: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Friday his government is using “formal and informal channels” to seek the return of seven passengers of a crashed helicopter Pakistani helicopter who were captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. A Taliban commander claimed the seven were “in safe hands” with the insurgents. The Pakistani government helicopter, en route to…

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Passengers speak of ‘horrific’ landing experience

Passengers speak about horrendous experience endured by them as a private airline plane made crash landing at Lahore airport this morning.

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Passenger crash-lands plane in Spain after pilot collapses

MADRID: A woman was seriously injured Sunday in an ultralight aircraft crash in Spain after she was forced to fly the plane — despite having no flight experience – when the pilot lost consciousness, officials said. The woman suffered burns and multiple contusions, while the pilot died, though it was unclear if that happened before…

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