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Don’t call white folks racist, if you can’t stand Afghans and Bengalis

An Urdu-speaking citizen backs Afghan, Bengali CNICs

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September 22, 2018


Imran Khan’s citizenship plan: No country for new men?

An Afghan refugee likes Imran Khan’s citizenship offer

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September 22, 2018


Migrant children born in Pakistan have citizenship right: PM Imran Khan

Khan urges parliament to form a policy for migrants

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September 18, 2018


Muslim survivors of Indian massacre shaken by citizenship test

Thirty-six years after losing his parents, sister and a four-year-old daughter in one of India’s worst sectarian massacres, Abdul Suban says he is still trying to prove he’s a citizen of the Hindu-majority nation.

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July 30, 2018


Australian senate rejects proposed visa, citizenship curbs

SYDNEY: Australia’s lawmakers have rejected legislation that would tighten citizenship and foreign worker visa rules, a blow to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who had sought to stop a loss of his support base to far-right political parties. In April, Turnbull said Australia would abolish a temporary work visa popular with foreigners and replace it with…

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October 19, 2017


Russia backs bill to strip ‘terrorists’ of citizenship

MOSCOW: Russian MPs on Wednesday passed a law to strip naturalised citizens of passports for offences classed as “terrorism” following a deadly April suicide bombing in the Saint Petersburg metro. The lower house of parliament passed the bill in its final third reading. It now goes through the senate and to President Vladimir Putin for…

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July 19, 2017


Planning to get married in Dubai? Read the guideline

DUBAI: If you are planning on getting married in Dubai, be sure to firm up the paperwork first. Like every other formality, getting married in Dubai has its own set process. Depending on your nationality, citizenship and residency status, planning your dream wedding in Dubai could range from the straightforward and simple to time-consuming. In…

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May 18, 2017


Bahrain jails 36 Shiites, strips them of citizenship

A court in Bahrain on Tuesday jailed 36 Shiites convicted of forming a “terrorist” group to attack police, and stripped them of their citizenship, a judicial source said.  Three of those sentenced received life terms, while the rest were jailed for between three and 10 years, the source said. The defendants had been charged with…

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April 25, 2017


Erdogan proposes stripping Kurdish rebel backers of citizenship

ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday proposed stripping Turkish citizenship from supporters of Kurdish rebels waging a deadly insurgency against the security forces. The comments by Erdogan marked the latest escalation in his drive to crack down on dissent against the government’s relentless operation to wipe out the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)….

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April 5, 2016


Adnan Sami gets Indian nationality

NEW DELHI: Prominent Pakistani singer Adnan Sami, who has been living in India for last several years, was granted Indian citizenship on Thursday, according to Indian media reports. To legalise his stay in India on ‘humanitarian grounds’, reports said, the New Delhi government accepted his appeal for citizenship and granted nationality with effect from January…

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December 31, 2015


ECP to decide fate of 11 legislators over dual citizenship

Staff ReportISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will decide the fate of already disqualified eleven legislators over dual citizenship, SAMAA reports on Monday.In the dual nationality case, the Supreme Court last week disqualified 11 lawmakers. They are Farah Naz Isfahani, Zahid Iqbal, Farhat Mehmood Khan, Jameel Malik, Muhammed Akhlaq, Ashraf Chauhan, Nadia Gabol, Wasim…

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September 24, 2012


Dual citizenship case

Fahad Chaudhry reports from Islamabad about ‘Dual citizenship case’ in the Supreme Court.

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June 26, 2012


UAE Islamists to fight court ruling on citizenship

ABU DHABI; Seven Islamist activists jailed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will challenge a presidential decree to strip them of their citizenship after a court refused to order authorities to return their passports, their lawyer said on Thursday.The UAE, a major oil exporter, has been cracking down on Islamist dissidents demanding reforms at home…

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May 31, 2012


Rehman Malik submits reply in SC regarding dual citizenship

Staff Report ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik has submitted his reply in the Supreme Court (SC) regarding dual citizenship case here on Tuesday. The minister said that he abandoned his British citizenship on April 25 2008. He also submitted forms, pay order copies and other papers regarding the case in the court. The next hearing…

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May 29, 2012


Canada bans face veils for citizenship oaths

MONTREAL: Canada's immigration minister announced Monday a ban on wearing face coverings such as burka and niqab veils when taking a citizenship oath. “Starting today, any individual will have to show his or her face when taking the oath of citizenship,” Immigration Minister Jason Kenney told a press conference in Montreal. “Allowing a group to…

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December 13, 2011


Egypt may cut citizenship on those wed to Israelis

CAIRO: An Egyptian court ordered the government on Saturday to consider revoking the citizenship of Egyptians married to Israelis if the marriage posed a threat to Egypt's national security. The High Administrative court's ruling, which had been timetabled before the outcry over Israel's raid on an aid flotilla heading to Gaza, comes in response to…

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June 5, 2010


Exiled Indian artist gives up citizenship

NEW DELHI: India's best-known painter, M.F. Husain, who was forced into exile due to death threats from Hindu hardliners, confirmed he had accepted Qatari citizenship in an interview broadcast Wednesday. The 94-year-old Muslim artist told the NDTV news channel that he had no regrets about giving up his Indian passport, saying it was the only…

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March 4, 2010


Indian artist gets Qatari citizenship after threats

DOHA: India's best-known painter M.F. Husain, who went into exile after death threats from Hindu hardliners, has been granted Qatari citizenship, sparking new soul-searching about his persecution at home. Husain, 94, a Muslim artist known as the “Picasso of India,” had angered hardline Hindus by portraying Hindu deities in the nude or in a sexually…

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February 25, 2010


Citizenship, identity of Ajmal Kasab under examination: Malik

KARACHI: Advisor to the Prime Minister for Interior Rehman A. Malik has said that a letter purported to be from Ajmal Kasab, a suspect in Mumbai attacks arrested by India, had been received and his citizenship and identity was being minutely examined. Talking to the media at the Passsing Out Parade of the Pakistan Rangers,…

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January 5, 2009


Gong Lis citizenship switch stirs outrage in China

BEIJING: Chinese actress Gong Li's decision to become a Singapore citizen sparked an online debate in China Tuesday, with many branding her a traitor but others defending the star. Gong, who served recently as a Chinese parliament delegate, collected her Singaporean citizenship over the weekend, a lawmaker in the city-state told AFP on Monday. The…

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November 11, 2008