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Calibri in spotlight as Fontgate could leave Pakistan sans Sharif

A typeface has sparked uproar in Pakistan after documents using the font were produced in a corruption case against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif — despite being dated a year before the design was released. Microsoft’s Calibri font was used to type certified papers naming Sharif’s daughter Maryam as a trustee for several of the family’s…

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Wikipedia stops edits on its page on ‘Calibri’ font

Wikipedia was forced to block the public editing on its Calibri font page, after a plethora of edit requests were received after allegations that Maryam Nawaz had handed over forged documents in the font to the JIT surfaced. One day after the JIT probing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s alleged offshore wealth released its report stating…

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JIT report: Calibri font jokes are all the rage on Twitter in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: After the JIT report came to the surface and with it, the Calibri font fiasco, Pakistani Twitterati took to social media and used it to tweet some humorous stuff.  After it became apparent that Maryam Nawaz had submitted a document from 2016 to the JIT in Calibri (while apparently the font did not became…

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JIT brings unique charge against Maryam Nawaz

ISLAMABAD: Social media has been flooded with yet another aspect from the JIT’s fourth and final  report submitted yesterday before the panama Implementation bench of the Supreme Court, i.e. the font used by Maryam Nawaz in her documents. The JIT declared the documents submitted by Maryam Nawaz were forged as Calibri font that was used…

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