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A. R. Rahman’s daughter, Taslima Nasreen spar over the burqa

Khatija, Nasreen have been arguing online for a week

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February 18, 2020


Man impersonates friend’s mother for marriage proposal, gets beaten up

A case has been registered against him in Lahore

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May 13, 2019


Boy dons burqa to enter girls college and harass female students

GUJRANWALA: Clad in a burqa, a boy was apprehended by police after he was found harassing female students in a government college on Wednesday. According to details, a boy clad in a burqa entered Government Girls Islamia College by fooling the guards into thinking that he was a female student. Soon after entering the university,…

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October 18, 2017


Anti-Muslim Australian politician causes furore after wearing burka in Senate

SYDNEY: Australian anti-immigration politician Pauline Hanson caused a furore Thursday when she entered the Senate wearing a full burqa, earning a blistering rebuke from the country’s top lawyer for the “appalling” stunt. Hanson wore the Islamic garment in the chamber to highlight what she said were the security issues it posed, linking it to terrorism…

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August 17, 2017


Video: Burqa-clad man, accomplice rob Gujrat ATM

A burqa-clad robber and his accomplice took only one minute and 20 seconds to rob Rs2.8 million from an ATM in Gujrat district of Punjab. The robbery bid was caught on CCTV camera.

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June 13, 2017


Man in Burqa!

Don’t get confuse with the colorful dress and long hairs; he is a man. Watch video of this burqa clad man to know the reason why he had dressed up like this.

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October 31, 2014


Australia nixes Burqa/Niqab segregation plan

SYDNEY: A controversial plan to make women wearing the burqa or niqab sit in separate glassed public enclosures at Australia's Parliament House due to security concerns was abandoned Monday after an outcry. The backdown followed a decision on October 2 by Speaker Bronwyn Bishop and Senate President Stephen Parry to seat people wearing face coverings…

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October 20, 2014


Lahorites catch burqa-clad thief

Staff Report LAHORE: Citizens caught a burqa-clad thief and handed him over to police after beating him up here, SAMAA reported Wednesday. Burqa-clad thief, Shoukat and a woman entered the home of Tahir, resident of Alfaisal Town and started looting the home. Women of the home shouted and called police. Police remained unsuccessful finding the…

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July 25, 2012


Dutch “burqa ban” may go after government falls

AMSTERDAM: With the collapse of the Dutch centre-right government, the Netherlands may now drop some of its most eye-popping proposals aimed at Muslims and other immigrants and could soften its strong anti-immigration rhetoric.A ban on Muslim face veils, such as the Arabic-style niqabs that leave the eyes uncovered and Afghan-style burqas that cover the face…

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April 26, 2012


Burqa clad man

Burqa clad man open fire on killers of his brothers, then arrested.

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October 18, 2011


Hindu extremist party demands ban on burqa in India

MUMBAI: The Shiv Sena Tuesday demanded a ban on burqa, calling the Muslim veil a threat to Indian security interests. “If the burqa is used to steal children, then we demand that it be banned as per law,” an editorial in the party mouthpiece ''Saamana'' said. A two-month-old baby boy was kidnapped on October 15…

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October 19, 2010


French lawmakers vote to ban burqa in public

PARIS: French lawmakers on Tuesday voted to ban full-length veils in public places, putting France on the road to becoming the second European country to take steps to make wearing the burqa or niqab a criminal offence. France is home to Europe's largest Muslim minority, with about 5 million Muslims. The law, which must still…

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July 13, 2010


Spain planning burqa ban: government

MADRID: Spain's government plans to ban the use of the Islamic burqa in public places under a proposed new law on religious freedom, the justice minister said Tuesday. “We believe that there are things like the burqa which are hard to reconcile with human dignity and which especially pose problems of identification in public places,”…

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June 16, 2010


France's burqa debate stokes passion in North Africa

ALGIERS/RABAT: A French proposal to ban full face veils has stoked debate in Europe and also provoked strong reactions across the Mediterranean in North Africa, where many of France's Muslims trace their origins. Former French colonies Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are still tied to France by history, language and migration, so their views on the…

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May 14, 2010


Most French want burqa law, not ban

PARIS: Two-thirds of French people want a law limiting the use of face-covering Islamic veils such as the niqab and the burqa, with only a minority backing the government's plan for a complete ban, a poll showed on Saturday. President Nicolas Sarkozy's government is expected to present a bill in May on banning full veils…

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April 24, 2010


Bangladesh hospital bans burqa to prevent theft

DHAKA: Bangladesh's largest state-run hospital has banned staff from wearing full-face burqas after an increase in thefts of mobile phones and wallets from wards, a hospital chief said Monday. Female staff have been ordered to wear standard uniforms, which do not cover either the hair or face, while on duty at the Bangabandhu Medical University…

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March 22, 2010


Burqa-clad bombers killed in Afghan town: govt

KABUL: Two suicide attackers dressed in burqas were shot dead Wednesday as they attempted to enter the compound of a US-linked aid organisation in a southern Afghan town, officials said. The male bombers were wearing explosives-packed vests beneath traditional women's all-covering dress and opened fire on guards at the gates of International Relief and Development…

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March 17, 2010


Paris imam backs France's proposed burqa ban

PARIS: A French imam active in Muslim dialogue with Jews has backed a law against full face veils, parting ways with most Muslim leaders in France urging parliamentarians not to vote for a planned “burqa ban.” Hassen Chalghoumi, whose mosque stands in a northern Paris suburb where many Muslims live, said women who wanted to…

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January 22, 2010


France partly retreats on burqa ban

PARIS: France is moving towards outlawing full Islamic veils in certain public buildings, stopping short of a broader ban that could violate the right to religious freedom, Le Figaro newspaper reported on Wednesday. A French parliamentary inquiry into the all-covering niqab and burqa, which President Nicolas Sarkozy has described as unwelcome in France, is due…

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December 16, 2009

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