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Mohammad Irfan blessed with a baby boy

LAHORE: Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Irfan has been blessed with a baby boy. He announced the good news on his Twitter account. “Mera beta – another beautiful addition in my Aashyana. Please say a dua for his health, success and life,” Irfan tweeted. Mera beta – another beautiful addition in my Aashyana. Please say a…

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Baby on board: Indian gives birth at 35,000 feet

MUMBAI: An Indian woman gave birth to a baby boy on an international commercial flight as it flew at 35,000 feet, the airline said on Monday. The unnamed woman, in her 20s, went into premature labour on Sunday’s Jet Airways flight between Damman in Saudi Arabia and Kochi in the southern Indian state of Kerala….

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New photos emerge of boy who became a symbol of Aleppo’s suffering

A new photo of Omran Daqneesh, the 5-year-old boy whose image became a symbol of the suffering in Aleppo after he was photographed following an August 2016 attack, surfaced Monday after he and his family were interviewed by a pro-government channel in Syria called Al Mayadeen TV. The image of Omran is the first one…

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Landlord chops off teenager’s hand for demanding salary

SHEIKHUPURA: An landlord in Sheikhupura chopped off the hands of a 13-year old boy who was asking for salary, Samaa reported. Teenager Irfan was employed by Shafqat Bibi was paying him Rs. 3000 per month to work in her house and feed her cattle in Macharwali village in Sheikhupura. He refused to work for her…

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Video: Punjab Police changes man into boy

Punjab Police changed a 53-year old man to a 11-year old after mentioning the wrong date of birth on his driving license.

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12-year-old Indian boy becomes father

Kochi: A 12-year-old Indian boy been confirmed as the youngest father in the country, local media reported. The mother, who is 16 years old, had given birth to the child in November 2016 at a hospital in Ernakulam and a medical test was recently conducted to find out who the father of the child was….

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Man shoots dead teenager over dog teasing

FAISALABAD: A man shot dead a 14-year-old over teasing his dog in Faisalabad on Thursday, SAMAA reported. According to our correspondent, an armed person saw a boy, named Jajji, teasing his dog in Faisalabad’s Millat Town. Infuriated by the boy’s behavior, the man allegedly opened fire at Jajji — critically injuring him. The 14-year-old boy…

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Indian boy wakes up on way to his funeral

Hubballi: A 17-year-old boy woke up on the way to his funeral in Dharwad’s Managundi village, surprising his relatives and villagers who had presumed him dead. He was rushed to a private hospital where his condition is critical. Bitten by a stray dog one month ago, Kumar Marewad, 17, had high fever last week following…

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Boy hit by pellet gun dies in Kashmir; curfew re-imposed

SRINAGAR: A 12-year-old boy, who was hit by pellets in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district, succumbed to injuries at a hospital on Saturday, as the valley continued to remain shut for 92nd consecutive day today. Reports said the Indian authorities re-imposed curfew in the wake of violence, after the boy died. According to local media reports…

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Tharparkar boy with amazing singing talent

Samaa has discovered amazing singing talent in Tharparkar desert of Sindh. This boy has a beautiful voice batter than many playback singers. Watch this video…

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Indian boy grows up on dog milk

DHANBAD: A 10-year-old boy in India has been feeding on dog’s milk since the age of four. Mohit Kumar, who is mute from his birth, has his parents alive. He lives near Dhanbad, a city in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Though weaned at the age of two, he developed this habit while playing with…

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Drop scene of Haleema’s mysterious murder

Mystery behind murder of Haleema, who was found dead in her flat in Delhi Colony last week, resolved when prime suspect in the case, Rizwan Khan, confessed to killing the lady over a petty dispute. It was Rizwan who left Haleema’s five-year-old boy Abdullah at Edhi Center. Watch this report…

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Genes of slain gorilla preserved

Cincinnati: After shooting dead a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo to save a 3-year-old boy, zoo officials said they had collected a sample of his sperm, raising hopes among distraught fans that Harambe could sire offspring even in death. But officials at the main U.S. body that oversees breeding of zoo animals said it was…

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US zoo kills gorilla after boy falls into enclosure

WASHINGTON: Workers at the Cincinnati Zoo in the US state of Ohio shot and killed a gorilla on Saturday after a three-year-old boy fell into its enclosure, officials said. The boy crawled through a barrier into the enclosure and fell into a moat around 4 pm (1600 GMT), zoo director Thane Maynard told reporters. The…

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Liver transplant in India saves life of a Pakistani boy

NEW DELHI: Family members of a seven-year-old Pakistani boy, Shan Sultan, are over the moon after his successful liver transplant in India that saved him from cancer. His parents thought they would lose him to liver cancer, but he battled on and beat it back after his father Sultan Baqar, who works in the radiology…

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Vampire killer executed in US

WASHINGTON: A man convicted of killing and mutilating a 12-year-old boy whose blood he claims he drank was executed by the US state of Texas, authorities said Wednesday. Pablo Vasquez, 38, was put to death by lethal injection in Huntsville at 1835 (0035 GMT Thursday), Texas penitentiary officials said. Vasquez, who was 20 at the…

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Boy wearing mask shot dead in Karachi

KARACHI: In a shocking incident, an 11-year-old boy wearing a white scary mask was shot dead by a private security guard in Karachi, police said. The tragic firing incident took place in Karachi’s Bahadurabad area. According to police, the boy, Ali Hassan, was wearing a horror mask when he was shot by the security guard….

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Four-year-old boy shoots gun-loving mom

MIAMI: A four-year-old boy accidentally shot his mother in the back, leaving the passionately pro-gun woman seriously wounded and facing possible charges, Florida officials said. Staunch gun advocate Jamie Gilt, 31, who just a day earlier had boasted online about her toddler’s shooting prowess, was cruising down a highway with her son in the back…

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PM meets cancer patient boy

KARACHI: The desire of a cancer-bearing child from Karachi was fulfilled when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met him during his visit to Karachi on Friday. Anwarullah Afridi, who is suffering from cancer, had expressed a desire to meet the prime minister. During the visit, the prime minister met the patient and enquired after the ailing…

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Lovers Without Borders…

Love has no borders. It has been proven by these two lovebirds… Amirunisa from Dhanbad (India) and Ijaz from Gujrat (Pakistan) found each other on a social media website, fell in love, and married unlike the Chinese girl Dolly and Muzaffargarh’s Amin Jatoi, whose story of ‘sham love’ only brought shame to both of them….

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Indian Dalit accused of stealing pigeon found hanged

ISLAMABAD: A 14-year-old Indian dalit boy was found  dead with wounds all over his body, hours after he was taken away by  the police in Haryana, which is battling anger after two young siblings  of a Dalit (low-caste) family were burnt alive in their home  on Monday. The boy’s family sat with his body on…

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