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Going, going, gone: Banksy piece shreds itself after being sold for $1.1m

The piece ‘self destructed’ in front of buyers at the Sotheby’s auction in London

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Banksy’s lesser-known works on show in London

Street artist Banksy is known around the world for his simple graffiti stencils, often with a sharp political point, but a new London exhibition is an opportunity to discover his wider talents. The mysterious British artist from Bristol, southwest England, made his name with clandestine street murals but has also produced a treasure trove of…

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Street artist Banksy stages free show

BRISTOL: Elusive graffiti artist Banksy, who made his name tagging walls and bridges, took his work indoors on Friday as he unveiled his biggest-ever exhibition in his hometown's museum. Banksy installed over 100 pieces, including over 70 new works, at the City Museum and Art Gallery in Bristol after swearing museum staff to secrecy over…

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