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Pakistani family wins Technology Award at AI World Championship

They invented an AI device to monitor children’s brushing habits

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May 19, 2019


China is overtaking US in artificial intelligence: researchers

It has already surpassed the US in published papers on AI

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March 14, 2019


Will the #10YearChallenge help you get arrested in future in Pakistan?

Did it help FB do better facial recognition?

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January 19, 2019


AI cameras to help counter wildlife poaching in Africa

An African elephant is killed roughly every 15 minutes

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January 5, 2019


AI lie detectors to be tested at EU airports

The system uses 36 micro gestures to detect lies

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November 5, 2018


Instagram ramps up battle against bullying

Artificial intelligence to detect signs of bullying

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October 10, 2018


China’s doctor shortage prompts rush for AI health care

Good doctors in China are highly sought-after, but the supply is low

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September 20, 2018


Intel sold $1 billion of artificial intelligence chips in 2017

Intel on Wednesday said it sold $1 billion of artificial intelligence processor chips in 2017, the first time the world’s second-largest chipmaker disclosed revenue from the fast-growing computing segment that has fueled sales expansions at rivals such as Nvidia

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August 9, 2018


MIT researchers unveil the first psychopathic artificial intelligence

No, it’s not a new horror film. It’s Norman: also known as the first psychopathic artificial intelligence, just unveiled by US researchers. The goal is to explain in layman’s terms how algorithms are made, and to make people aware of AI’s potential dangers. Norman “represents a case study on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence gone…

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June 12, 2018


Artificial intelligence better at finding skin cancer than doctors: study

A computer was better than human dermatologists at detecting skin cancer in a study that pitted human against machine in the quest for better, faster diagnostics, researchers said Tuesday. A team from Germany, the United States and France taught an artificial intelligence system to distinguish dangerous skin lesions from benign ones, showing it more than…

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May 29, 2018


Google pushes artificial intelligence for upgraded news app

For its updated news application, Google is doubling down on the use of artificial intelligence as part of an effort to weed our disinformation and help users get viewpoints beyond their own “filter bubble.” Google chief Sundar Pichai, who unveiled the updated Google News earlier this month, said the app now “surfaces the news you…

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May 20, 2018


Artificial intelligence programmes make phenomenal progress with human-like self-navigation

A computer programme modelled on the human brain learnt to navigate a virtual maze and take shortcuts, outperforming a flesh-and-blood expert, its developers said. While artificial intelligence (AI) programmes have recently made great strides in imitating human brain processing — everything from recognising objects to playing complicated board games — spatial navigation has remained a…

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May 10, 2018


Google pitches artificial intelligence to help unplug

Google unveiled Tuesday an artificial intelligence tool capable of handling routine tasks — such as making restaurant bookings — as a way to help people disconnect from their smartphone screens. Kicking off the tech giant’s annual developers conference, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai argued that its AI-powered digital assistant had the potential to free people…

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May 9, 2018


Interview with a robot: AI revolution hits human resources

You have a telephone interview for your dream job, and you’re feeling nervous. You make yourself a cup of tea as you wait for the phone to ring, and you count to three before picking up. Now imagine that your interviewer is a robot named Vera. Russian startup Stafory co-founder Alexei Kostarev says Robot Vera,…

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April 27, 2018


‘Poker face’ stripped away by new-age tech

Dolby Laboratories chief scientist Poppy Crum tells of a fast-coming time when technology will see right through people no matter how hard they try to hide their feelings. Sensors combined with artificial intelligence can reveal whether someone is lying, infatuated, or poised for violence, Crum detailed at a big ideas TED Conference. “It is the…

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April 14, 2018


France prepares 1.5 billion euro push to foster AI research

Paris, France: President Emmanuel Macron is to unveil Thursday a bold plan to make France a centre of reference for artificial intelligence research, aimed at drawing homegrown and foreign talent in a field dominated by US and Chinese players. The proposals, which Macron’s office said would be backed by 1.5 billion euros ($1.85 billion) in…

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March 29, 2018


Alibaba sets up AI research centre

SINGAPORE: Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba on Wednesday opened an artificial intelligence research institute in Singapore in partnership with a local university, as the battle to develop AI technology heats up. The institute, a tie-up with Nanyang Technological University (NTU), is Alibaba’s first joint research centre outside mainland China. It aims to develop cutting-edge AI technologies…

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February 28, 2018


Top experts warn against ‘malicious use’ of artificial intelligence

NEWS DESK: Artificial intelligence could be deployed by dictators, criminals and terrorists to manipulate elections and use drones in terrorist attacks, more than two dozen experts said Wednesday as they sounded the alarm over misuse of the technology, reported AFP. In a 100-page analysis, they outlined a rapid growth in cybercrime and the use of…

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February 21, 2018


New religion created for ‘worship’ of Artificial Intelligence

NEW DESK: A self-driving car engineer has created a religion based on creating and worshipping a so-called ‘god’ of Artificial Intelligence (AI) . Anthony Levandowski, the former Google and Uber executive currently at the centre of a bombshell lawsuit, says he’s serious about starting a religion centred around super-smart artificial intelligence. The lawsuit was filed…

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December 26, 2017


Will we end up forgetting how to cook?

NEWS DESK: Wandering among the engineers, strategy directors and managers of something called “connected customer experience” at the Smart Kitchen Summit, one had to wonder: do any of these people actually cook? The conference, now in its third year, brings together people on the front lines of technology to figure out how to move the…

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October 22, 2017


Capitalism is coming to an end because it is making itself obsolete, says former Greek finance minister

NEWS DESK: Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has claimed capitalism is coming to an end because it is making itself obsolete, reported The Independent. The former economics professor told an audience at University College London that the rise of giant technology corporations and artificial intelligence will cause the current economic system to undermine itself….

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October 19, 2017