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Remembering Ahmed Rushdi on his death anniversary

By: Omair Alavi The fans of Ahmed Rushdi celebrate the 34th Death Anniversary of the legendary playback singer today. Ahmed Rushdi is regarded as one of the most versatile playback singers of Pakistan, his ability to sing both happy and sad songs made him indispensable for more than 2 decades. Let’s take a look at…

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Remembering Mohammad Ali

By: Omair Alavi Mohammad Ali was considered as one of the best dramatic actors of his time, yet he was behind the many successful songs of his era as well. Here we take a trip down the memory lane where we get to hear 15 of his most famous numbers and try to decipher the…

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Remembering Mala Begum

By: Omair Alavi In the 60s and the 70s, the film industry in Pakistan had a rich pool of female singers to playback in movies; Mala Begum was of the top female voices in the country and along with Noor Jehan and Runa Laila, she ruled the hearts till the mid 70s. She sang the…

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By: Omair Alavi Waheed Murad may have died in 1983, but he lives amongst the hearts and minds of his many fans through his songs. Ahmed Rushdi and Mehdi Hasan are associated with Waheed Murad as they sang countless numbers on the chocolate hero, but there were many others who tried their luck as the voice…

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Remembering Akhlaq Ahmed

  By: Omair Alavi  Akhlaq Ahmed was one of the most prolific singers in Pakistan in the 70s and the 80s. Not only did he make a place for himself in an industry that was dominated by the likes of Ahmed Rushdi and Mehdi Hassan but he managed to become the flag bearer of their…

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Melodious singer Ahmed Rushdi remembered

Mellifluous Ahmed Rushdi is being remembered today on 32 death anniversary. Watch this report by Qurban to freshen up the old sweet memories.

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