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Africa’s richest man withdrew $10m just to look at it

He wanted to make sure it was real money

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April 7, 2019


Up to 500,000 displaced by southern Africa cyclone

Hundreds are still missing in Mozambique and Zimbabwe

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March 26, 2019


AI cameras to help counter wildlife poaching in Africa

An African elephant is killed roughly every 15 minutes

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January 5, 2019


Elephants are evolving without their tusks due to poaching

Poachers target the animals for their ivory tusks

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November 23, 2018


African great Drogba retires from football

His career stretches back over 20 years

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November 22, 2018


Melania Trump wants people to stop focusing on her colonist fashion choices

During her tour of Ghana she donned a white pith helmet – a symbol of colonial oppression

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October 8, 2018


African farmer’s use of old farming techniques to ward off desertification bags him an award

He makes barren land fertile by digging pits to store water and nutrients for crops

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September 27, 2018


Smugglers pave path for migrants from Africa to Europe

Ninety percent of migrants who enter Europe are helped by human traffickers, he added, citing a 2015 study.

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September 18, 2018


China bans pig shipments from areas hit by African swine flu after sixth case detected

China has discovered six cases of the disease in five provinces: in northeastern Liaoning, central Henan, and the eastern provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang

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September 3, 2018


Millions risk malnutrition as CO2 levels climb

Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air threaten to sap wheat, rice, and other staple grains of valuable nutrients, raising the spectre of mass malnutrition, researchers warned Monday. On current trends, higher CO2 concentrations could reduce iron, zinc and protein levels in the crops that feed the world by up to 17 percent by…

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August 27, 2018


Chinese activist arrested during live TV interview

A vocal critic of China’s government has disappeared without a trace after security forces strong-armed their way into his home in the middle of a phone interview with a US-funded television network. Retired academic Sun Wenguang, who is in his mid-80s, was speaking live to a Chinese-language TV show for Voice of America (VOA) when…

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August 3, 2018


Zimbabwe edges back onto tourist map

After nearly two decades in the doldrums, Zimbabwe’s tourism sector is enjoying a rebound, with visitors returning in droves to see the majestic Victoria Falls and explore unspoilt safari reserves.

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July 23, 2018


Crocodiles guard secrets of Pakistan’s lost African past

Karachi: Dancing and chanting in Swahili at a crocodile shrine outside Karachi, hundreds of Sheedis swayed barefoot to the rhythm of a language they no longer speak — the celebration offering a rare chance to connect with their African roots. For many Sheedis, the swampy crocodile shrine to Sufi saint Haji Syed Shaikh Sultan —…

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April 5, 2018


Trump remarks infuriate Africans

NAIROBI: Africans have reacted angrily after US President Donald Trump reportedly referred to their nations as “shithole countries”, with many accusing the US president of racism and ignorance. The 55-nation African Union condemned the remarks on Friday, while a statement from ambassadors of all countries from the continent at the United Nations demanded a retraction…

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January 13, 2018


African donkeys are being stolen and killed for China

Donkeys awaiting slaughter at the Goldox Donkey Slaughterhouse in Kenya. As manufacturers of a traditional Chinese medicine struggle to meet rising demand, they are looking to developing countries for donkey hides. Credit: Rachel Nuwer NAIROBI, Kenya: “This is the spot,” said Morris Njeru, gazing down at a tangled patch of farmland where he recently found…

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January 2, 2018


WATCH: Pakistani female cyclist Samar Khan scales Africa’s highest mountain

Samar Khan became Pakistan’s first female cyclist to summit Uhuru Peak in Africa, which is the highest mountain peak in Africa.

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December 10, 2017


Iran inaugurates new Indian Ocean port

TEHRAN: Iran inaugurated a long-awaited new port at Chabahar in the southeast Sunday, which it is hoped will be a major new trade hub linking India and Africa with Central Asia. The first three shipments of Indian wheat to Afghanistan were unloaded in the morning, according to the Iranian ports organisation. “Through this port, goods…

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December 4, 2017


Four UN peacekeepers, soldier killed in Mali attacks: UN

BAMAKO: Four UN peacekeepers and a Malian soldier were killed in attacks in Mali on Friday, the UN’s MINUSMA mission to the country said. Twenty people, including another Malian soldier and several UN peacekeepers were injured in the attacks. The first attack happened in the morning in the northeastern Menaka region and claimed the lives…

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November 25, 2017


African Union welcomes Mugabe resignation

ADDIS ABABA: The African Union has welcomed Robert Mugabe’s decision to step down as president of Zimbabwe, saying the people had expressed their will for a “peaceful transfer of power.” AU commission chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat said he “welcomes the decision by President Robert Mugabe to step down from his position as Head of State…

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November 22, 2017


Mugabe says he’s under house arrest: S.Africa’s Zuma

Johannesburg, South Africa: President Robert Mugabe is under house arrest in Zimbabwe, South African President Jacob Zuma said in a statement Wednesday after the Zimbabwean military appeared to have taken control of the country. “President Zuma spoke to President Robert Mugabe earlier today who indicated that he was confined to his home but said that…

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November 15, 2017


Obesity triggers explosion of the diabetes in Africa: report

PARIS: The costs of diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa could double to almost $60 billion annually just 13 years from now, as obesity fuels an explosion of the disease, a report said Thursday. In 2015, the overall diabetes cost in the region was nearly $20 billion (18 billion euros), or 1.2 percent of total economic production,…

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July 6, 2017