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No airport welcome for us, says Pakistan’s snooker champion

July 4, 2019
Babar Masih helped Pakistan win Asian Team Snooker Championships

Snooker player Babar Masih made Pakistan proud by beating India in the final of the 2019 Asian Team Snooker Championships in Doha. This is not his first accomplishment as he has helped Pakistan win many titles in the past.

Despite achieving so many milestones, the sports star is facing many problems and he appeared on SAMAA TV's programme Naya Din to talk about them.

“We expected that we would get protocol upon our return but only our association's president came to receive us,” Masih said. “This is not the first time this happened. When the Pakistan cricket team lost to India, I became the Asian champion that time. When the cricket side faced defeat, we never lost our hope and we qualified for the final and went on to win the tournament. We take part in these tournaments after practising extremely hard,” he said.

Speaking on his warm welcome in Rawalpindi, he said that the visuals that were being shown on television happened in his hometown of Rawalpindi where he has a large fan base. He said no one was there to receive him in Karachi.

Masih went on to say that the Pakistan team did not get any funds for the tournament by the federation, who cited a financial crisis as its excuse.

“I won gold, silver and bronze medals in three separate tournaments, which is a big achievement,” he said.

The snooker player, speaking about his early career, said he faced a lot of problems at first as his family members didn’t know much about the sport but they started to support him when he improved his performance. He added that he reached national level after emerging victorious in the 2012 Punjab championships.

“From then on, I started representing my country and win medals frequently. So far I have won four golds, three to four silver medals and five to seven bronze medals. Even after achieving so many milestones, I have not been given offers to play for departments, which is extremely necessary. I have monetary issues as I am from the middle class. I have to pay house rent,” he said.

He said that the Asian Team Snooker Championship went very well and the side participated with full spirits and made Pakistan proud.


  1. Avatar
    Ghazi Kamal   July 4, 2019 3:33 pm/ Reply

    Why is he expecting a well come? He did something which he is getting paid for. We are a very poor country and cannot afford arranging such well come parties. Same should be app[lied for cricket and all other games. These players are getting handsome amounts plus international exposure which i think is already enough reward.

  2. Avatar
    Hussain   July 5, 2019 10:41 pm/ Reply

    They do deserved support and fame
    Pakistan government and media need to support them .
    Sports is good future for both the players and the country to be recognised .
    They deserve respect as we disrespect them when they underperform

  3. Avatar
    Aziz   July 6, 2019 9:31 pm/ Reply

    Jis trf media lgata ha lyg jaty hain. Cricket inko war lgti hai. We love u man. Don’t lose hope n keep your moral high. Forget this gathering of people which is to become a nation yet

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