Tamim, Wahab power Comilla Victorians to BPL title

Comilla Victorians defeated Dhaka Dynamites by 17 runs to lift the Bangladesh Premier League 2018-19 title on Friday. 

Dhaka Dynamites won the toss and chose to field in the all-important final.

Victorians lost their first wicket at the score of nine runs but the second-wicket partnership of 91 runs proved to be the turning point in the innings as Tamim Iqbal and Anamul Haque started to score in full flow.

After Anamul’s dismissal on 24, Tamim was the star performer as he hammered the Dynamites bowlers to all parts of the ground. He went on to score boundaries on regular intervals which included multiple boundaries and maximums off single over.

Tamim remained unbeaten on 141 off 61 balls with the help of 10 boundaries and 11 sixes. The brilliant knock helped the side finish at 199-3 in 20 overs.

In chase of a mammoth 200-run target, the side had a disastrous start as Sunil Narine was back in the pavilion for a duck. Upul Tharanga and Rony Talukdar put the side in cruise control with a 102-run stand on the second wicket.

Tharanga’s innings came to an end after scoring 27-ball 48 after hitting four boundaries and three maximums. Talukdar’s dismissal on 66 runs sparked a collapse as the side began to unravel. The team managed 182-9 in their 20 overs

Wahab Riaz proved to be the star performers for the Victorians as he finished with figures of 3-28 in four overs. The Pakistani fast-bowlers took wickets when the side needed most.



Over 20: Dhaka Dynamites 182-9 (lost by 17 runs)
Bowler: Mohammad Saifuddin (2-W-0-1-0-1)

That’s it. Comilla Victorians defeat Dhaka Dynamites by 17 runs and lift the Bangladesh Premier League 2018-19 title.

WICKET: Mahmudul Hasan c Wahab Riaz b Mohammad Saifuddin 15 (8b 0x4 2×6)

Over 19: Dhaka Dynamites 178-8 (require 22 runs to win)
Bowler: Wahab Riaz (6-0-W-wd-0-4-0)

The left-arm pacer continues picks his third wicket after being hit for a maximum.

WICKET: Nurul Hasan c Anamul Haque b Wahab Riaz 18 (15b 0x4 2×6) 

Over 18: Dhaka Dynamites 167-6 (require 33 runs to win)
Bowler: Thisara Parera (wd-0-1lb-1-0-6-6)

An expensive over for the Victorians as 15 runs came off the medium pacer courtesy of two maximums by Mahmudul Hasan.

Over 17: Dhaka Dynamites 152-6 (require 48 runs to win)
Bowler: Mohammad Saifuddin (1-W-6-wd-1-1-1)

The medium pacer bags a wicket before being hit for a maximum.

WICKET: Shuvagata Hom c Perera b Mohammad Saifuddin 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) 

Over 16: Dhaka Dynamites 142-6 (require 58 runs to win)
Bowler: Wahab Riaz (0-W-0-0-1-0)

The pacer bowls superbly once again as he strikes when the team needed most

WICKET: Kieron Pollard c Tamim Iqbal b Wahab Riaz 13 (15b 1×4 1×6)

Over 15: Dhaka Dynamites 141-5 (require 59 runs to win)
Bowler: Thisara Parera (0-1-0-6-0-1)

Pollard hits Afridi straight out of the ground for half-a-dozen.

Over 14: Dhaka Dynamites 133-5 (require 67 runs to win)
Bowler: Thisara Parera (1-W-0-1-0-0)

Things getting out of control for Dhaka. The side is losing wickets and the asking rate is slowly getting the better of them.

WICKET: Andre Russell c Wahab Riaz b Perera 4 (3b 1×4 0x6)

Over 13: Dhaka Dynamites 131-4 (require 69 runs to win)
Bowler: Shahid Afridi (W-4-0-1-wd-0-4)

Talukdar gets into a pickle and is run out before Andre Russell hits two boundaries in the over.

WICKET: Rony Talukdar run out (Anamul Haque) 66 (38b 6×4 4×6)

Over 12: Dhaka Dynamites 121-3 (require 79 runs to win)
Bowler: Wahab Riaz (W-0-1-0-0-0)

The Pakistani pacer bowls a splendid over as he concedes just a single and breaks the Shakib-Talukdar partnership.

WICKET: Shakib Al Hasan c Tamim Iqbal b Wahab Riaz 3 (5b 0x4 0x6)

Over 11: Dhaka Dynamites 120-2 (require 80 runs to win)
Bowler: Thisara Parera (6-1-1lb-1-1-0)

Rony Talukdar hit the maximum as 10 runs come from the 11th over.

Over 10: Dhaka Dynamites 110-2 (require 90 runs to win)
Bowler: Shahid Afridi (1-4-0-1-1-1)

Rony Talukdar reaches his half-century as eight runs come from the over.

Over 9: Dhaka Dynamites 102-2 (require 98 runs to win)
Bowler: Thisara Parera (4-1-1-4-0-W)

An eventful over. The Dynamites cross the 100-run mark as the batsmen score 10 off. The batting partnership came to an end as Tharanga was caught out on the last ball after hitting two boundaries.

WICKET: Upul Tharanga c sub (Abu Hider) b Perera 48 (27b 4×4 3×6)

Over 8: Dhaka Dynamites 92-1 (require 108 runs to win)
Bowler: Shahid Afridi (1-1-1-6-1-1)

Upul Tharanga scores the maximum. Dhaka dominating the final at the moment.

Over 7: Dhaka Dynamites 81-1 (require 119 runs to win)
Bowler: Sanjit Saha (0-1-1-6-1-1)

The off-break bowler concedes 10 runs in the over as Rony Talukdar hit the maximum.

Over 6: Dhaka Dynamites 71-1 (require 129 runs to win)
Bowler: Mahedi Hasan (2lb-1-1-4-0-4)

The spinner gives 12 runs as Upul Tharanga hits two boundaries.

Over 5: Dhaka Dynamites 59-1 (require 141 runs to win)
Bowler: Wahab Riaz (2-6-1-1-1-4)

Fifty up as the Dynamites are keeping up with the asking rate. The batsman score 15 runs from the pacer’s first over.

Over 4: Dhaka Dynamites 44-1 (require 156 runs to win)
Bowler: Mahedi Hasan (1-4-6-2-1-1)

The spinner goes for 15 runs as a boundary and a six was hit off it.

Over 3: Dhaka Dynamites 29-1 (require 171 runs to win)
Bowler: Mohammad Saifuddin (4-0-6-1-1-4)

Expensive 16-run over as the bowler concedes a six and two boundaries.

Over 2: Dhaka Dynamites 13-1 (require 187 runs to win)
Bowler: Mahedi Hasan (0-4-0-0-1-0)

Rony Talukdar strikes a boundary in the over.

Over 1: Dhaka Dynamites 8-1 (require 192 runs to win)
Bowler: Mohammad Saifuddin (0-W-0-0-1-wd-6)

A disastrous start to the run-chase as danger-man Sunil Narine goes back to the pavilion off the second ball before Upul Tharanga hits a maximum.

WICKET: Sunil Narine run out (Mohammad Saifuddin) 0 (0b 0x4 0x6)


Over 20: Comilla Victorians 199-3
Bowler: Andre Russell (1-1-1-6-1-0)

Comilla Victorians finish with a mammoth total of 199-3 in 20 overs.

Over 19: Comilla Victorians 189-3
Bowler: Rubel Hossain (1-6-1-1-1-1)

Tamim hit another maximum in the over as 11 runs come from the over.

Over 18: Comilla Victorians 178-3
Bowler: Shakib Al Hasan (0-0-6-1-6-4)

Seventeen runs came from the captain’s third over. He finishes with figures of 4-0-45-1.

Over 17: Comilla Victorians 161-3
Bowler: Andre Russell (6-0-4-2-4-6)

Tamim hits a maximum and reaches for his century with a boundary. The left-hander scores 22 runs in the over.

Over 16: Comilla Victorians 139-3
Bowler: Sunil Narine (0-1-1-0-0-0)

The spinner keeps it tight and gives just two runs in the over.

Over 15: Comilla Victorians 137-3
Bowler: Rubel Hossain (1-4-6-2-4-6)

Tamim picks up 22 runs in the over courtesy of two boundaries and two maximums.

Over 14: Comilla Victorians 114-3
Bowler: Mahmudul Hasan (wd-0-wd-1-1-1-1-6)

Tamim finishes the over with a maximum towards long-off.

Over 13: Comilla Victorians 102-3
Bowler: Sunil Narine (1-W-0-0-1-wd-1)

Poor running between the wickets costs Comilla as Shamsur goes back without scoring.

WICKET: Shamsur Rahman run out (Shakib Al Hasan) 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)

Over 12: Comilla Victorians 98-2
Bowler: Shakib Al Hasan (2-6-1-1-1-W)

Shakib Al Hasan breaks the partnership after conceding 11 runs in the over, courtesy a six by Tamim Iqbal.

WICKET: Anamul Haque lbw b Shakib Al Hasan 24 (30b 2×4 0x6)

Over 11: Comilla Victorians 87-1
Bowler: Shuvagata Hom (1-1-1-6-4-1)

Tamim Iqbal reaches his half-century as the batsmen pick up 14 runs from the over.

Over 10: Comilla Victorians 73-1
Bowler: Qazi Onik (1-1-2-1-4-1lb)

That’s the half-way mark as Comilla take 10 runs from the over with Anamul Haque scoring the boundary.

Over 9: Comilla Victorians 63-1
Bowler: Rubel Hossain (1lb-1-0-1-wd-4-0)

The bowler concedes nine runs in the over as Tamim Iqbal adds another boundary to his tally.

Over 8: Comilla Victorians 54-1
Bowler: Qazi Onik (1-2-1-1-1-4)

Tamim Iqbal scores the boundary and 10 runs come from Qazi Onik’s first over.

Over 7: Comilla Victorians 44-1
Bowler: Sunil Narine (0-1-1-0-1-1)

Comilla batsmen score four singles in the over.

Over 6: Comilla Victorians 40-1
Bowler: Shakib Al Hasan (1-1-4lb-1-4-4)

Tamim Iqbal and Anamul Haque step up a gear as 15 runs came from the captain’s second over.

Over 5: Comilla Victorians 25-1
Bowler: Sunil Narine (0-6-0-1-0-1)

Eight runs come off that over as Tamim Iqbal hits a maximum.

Over 4: Comilla Victorians 17-1
Bowler: Shakib Al Hasan (4-0-0-1-1-0)

Anamul Haque scores a much-needed boundary as six runs come from the captain’s first over.

Over 3: Comilla Victorians 11-1
Bowler: Andre Russell (0-0-1-0-1-0)

Just two singles came from Russell’s second over.

Over 2: Comilla Victorians 9-1
Bowler: Rubel Hossain (1-0-1-4-W-0)

The medium pacer provided the breakthrough after being hit for a boundary

WICKET: Evin Lewis lbw b Rubel Hossain 6 (7b 1×4 0x6)

Over 1: Comilla Victorians 3-0
Bowler: Andre Russell (0-1-0-wd-0-0-1)

The West Indies fast-bowler went for three runs in the first over.

Comilla Victorians XI: Tamim Iqbal, Evin Lewis, Imrul Kayes (captain), Anamul Haque (wicketkeeper), Shamsur Rahman, Shahid Afridi, Thisara Perera, Mohammad Saifuddin, Wahab Riaz, Mahedi Hasan and Sanjit Saha

Dhaka Dynamites XI: Upul Tharanga, Sunil Narine, Rony Talukdar, Shakib Al Hasan (captain), Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Nurul Hasan (wicketkeeper), Mahmudul Hasan, Shuvagata Hom, Rubel Hossain and Qazi Onik