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PFF faces yet another ban, warns FIFA

December 5 , 2018

Photo courtesy: PFF

The power struggle that the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has been embroiled in ‘took yet another turn as FIFA threatened to once again ban the federation if the elections ordered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

In a letter, the world football governing body has made it clear that the PFF can land itself in hot water if the elections scheduled for December 12 do take place.

This represents yet another setback for Pakistan football, with the sport having come to a grinding halt in recent years. The players have suffered the most under this, with former skipper Kaleemullah being one of the high-profile footballers to speak out against the federation for harming football in the country.

Pakistan slipped to bottom of FIFA rankings after domestic tournaments stopped taking place and the national team was prevented from participating in international events.

Football has since resumed but fears of another long spell on the sidelines for the sport as a whole in Pakistan have grown since FIFA’s letter.



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