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Stone Cold wants to fight these two superstars

November 29 , 2018

Photo Courtesy: USA Today FTW

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has named two superstars who he wants to fight in the future, FOX Sports has reported.

“I’m good friends with Brock Lesnar and it’d be fun to work with Brock because I was supposed to [do so] all those years ago,” Austin said in a Q-and-A session. “I also really think Elias is doing well. I’d like to work with Elias to elevate him. I think he’s on his way to being a top guy.”

The ‘Texas Rattle Snake’ said that he has known Lesnar forever and that they are good friends. He added that Elias has been progressing and his character is coming around as well.

Lesnar and Austin were once involved in a match in 2003 during Wrestlemania 20 in which also included Goldberg.

However, Austin’s in-ring return is still uncertain due to the nature of his neck injury.


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