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10 of the WWE’s creepiest superstars

November 8, 2018

Many WWE superstars have competed in the squared circles with unique and often downright strange gimmicks. But there are some who have been outright creepy and have scared the crowd and fellow superstars alike.

SAMAA Digital takes a look at 10 of the creepiest WWE superstars.

1. The Undertaker

The Undertaker’s persona speaks for itself. Since making his debut as a mystery partner for the Million Dollar Team in the Survivor Series 1990, the Deadman has struck fear into the hearts of his opponents with his awe-inspiring entrance and mind games.

2. The Boogeyman

Any person who has a fascination with eating worms and stuffing them into his opponent’s mouths is creepy.

3. Kane

The Undertaker’s brother calls himself the Devil’s favorite demon. He has a fascination with fire and has also set a commentator and cameraman on fire. The pyromaniac has also buried his brother alive twice.

4. Mankind

This masked individual from the boiler rooms can withstand all kinds of pain. He has competed even after being thrown on thumbtacks and being tossed from the top of the cell. His rivalry against The Undertaker is one of the most memorable in the company’s prestigious history.

5. Papa Shango

The Godfather has portrayed many strange characters, such as Kama, but this one is down right creepy. He used to paint his face white, cast black magic and do voodoo to terrify his opponents.

6. Umaga

Dubbed the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga is the definition of destruction. He had no remorse for anybody standing in his path, be it a man or woman. As terrifying as he was, the superstar was also tough opposition and superstars like John Cena and Umaga found it hard to beat him in matches.

7. Heidenreich

Paul Heyman was known as a serial attacker. Heidenreich once attacked the crowd for getting on his nerves. He also kidnapped commentator Michael Cole.

8. Isaac Yankem

This character was portrayed by Glenn Jacobs who also plays the role of Kane. This guy was a dentist and tried to extract his opponents’ teeth.

9. Kamala

Kamala wore an African mask and walked around the ring while clapping his stomach.

10. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt calls himself the Eater of the Worlds for a reason. Wyatt would get into the minds of his opponents by talking in riddles and metaphors about their lives and dark secrets. His exorcist-like walk would freak out even the toughest of opponents.


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