#MeToo: BCCI CEO asked to skip ICC meeting after being accused of sexual assault

BCCI CEO Rahul Johri has been asked to skip the ICC annual meeting in Singapore in response to sexual harassment charges against him, Hindustan Times  reported.

Acting Secretary of the Board of Control f0r Cricket in India Amitabh Chaudhry will represent India in the meeting.

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Johri’s name was mentioned in an anonymous #MeToo post on social media. Indian Supreme Court appointed Committee of Administrators has ordered Johri to submit his reply over the allegations with 14 to 15 days.

The BCCI official’s request seeking more time to explain the charges against him has been denied.

“If an Indian cricketer’s central contract was put on hold pending enquiry because of allegations which amounted to adultery and domestic violence, the same protocol should have seen the CEO being asked to stay away from the board office till he submits his explanation and the matter is closed,” a senior BCCI official said.

“The fact that Johri is essentially responsible for almost everything in the organisation, and sits on the top of the pyramid in the organisation chart, which includes dealings with the women cricketers and women employees, it is inconceivable why he has not been suspended pending enquiry, since the allegations against him are not of harassment but rape.”

The committee had earlier stated, “There are certain media reports today initially circulated selectively through Whatsapp messages, including in the social media, pertaining to Mr Rahul Johri. The reports disclose allegations of sexual harassment made against Mr Johri, by an unnamed person.”

The committee went on to say that the allegations also relate to his previous employment at a media house. It added that the accusations leveled levelled the cricket board’s official “do not pertain to his employment with the BCCI”.

The committee added that further course of action will be decided when Johri submits his reply. The alleged victim claims to be a former colleague of Johri before he joined a “niche satellite channel”.

Johri has been the CEO of BCCI since June 2016, and served as a senior designation at the Discovery Network.

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