Training camp for Women Intercollegiate Games 2018 underway

June 5, 2018

The summer camps for the Women Intercollegiate Games 2018 went underway.

Students have started training for cricket, football, basketball, hockey and table tennis competitions at Lahore’s Kinniard College.

“We are fasting and practicing for the games as well,” cricketer Iram Javed said. “So this is a passion to do something for our country.”

Rubeena said that it is a craze that hot weather or anything else does not become a hurdle in our path.

Athlete Ghazala said that they achieve more results while playing in this hot weather while Aneela Khan said that practicing in such conditions not only increases the stamina of the players but also motivates them.

Incharge of the training camp said that the summer camp provides a wonderful opportunity for the athletes to maintain their fitness during the off-season.

“There is less burden of education during the summer camps,” she said. “By giving more time, the situation can improve.”

The first round of the summer camp will continue till June 15.

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